What's all the fuss with Allure?

27 Oct 2013

Allure, hugely coveted and impossible to get hold of in the UK. Or so I thought. I was obsessed with the idea of picking up a copy of this coveted magazine for a good 18 months before I found a way to get it delivered straight to my door every month. So many of my favourite beauty YouTubers from the UK who travel a lot, rave about Allure magazine. Then I noticed more and more beauty bloggers picking it up. We have nothing like it in the UK, a magazine all about beauty, and just beauty. I wanted to see what this mysterious, difficult to find magazine was all about and why so many beauty adorers were so besotted. 

I ordered a subscription over on NewsStand and originally, I was just going to get the three copies and then do a little post and run-down of what I thought about the three issues I had received. But then my subscription ended, I'd received, devoured and taken notes from three issues - and I wanted more. I extended my subscription for another two months - and I've just extended it again. Allure has become a monthly parcel I look forward to reading, eagerly awaiting it's arrival. 

Allure magazine has the widest array of beauty features and articles I have ever seen in a magazine - the entire magazine is on beauty with some gorgeous fashion. There's articles, tips and tricks, products of the week, month, season. Interviews, amazing photos, a huge interaction between the writers and readers and lots of gorgeous products that'll leave you wishing you could jump straight on the next plane to New York. As an American publication, a huge amount of the products featured in the magazine are unavailable to buy in the UK, but Allure is often a great way for me to find out about new products from brands we have in the UK, knowing to patiently expect their arrival over here. It's not just about the products featured in the magazine though - for me Allure is like one big blog in magazine format. If we had magazines like this in the UK, I'd happily spend money every month to read a beauty magazine, devouring beauty secrets and writing never ending wishlists. 

Do I think Allure is worth the hype? Yes. Every single issue I have received has been an amazing read, the articles are so varied and it's exactly the kind of magazine that manages to keep me interested, rather than flicking through a few pages before chucking it away. Do I think it's a must-have? No. I don't think any magazine is a must-have to be honest. But if you can spare the pennies each month, then yes, it is. The price is a bit more steep than what we are used to in the UK for the size of the magazine, but the content is very much worth while and it's only a few quid - £5.95 a month. 

And on that note, it's time for my Sunday pamper and to settle down with the latest issue of my most favourite magazine....

You can subscribe to Allure magazine here.

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