theBalm Frat Boy, Down Boy and Cabana Boy blushes

7 Oct 2013

I recently shared a post with you on theBalm Bahama Mama, Sexy Mama and Hot Mama, some recent new additions to my collection. It's clear from how frequently I feature theBalm, that they are a favourite brand of mine and I am always lusting after their newest releases. One of my favourite products theBalm do is blushes. As with all theBalm products, the packaging is unique, eye-catching and attractive with the running retro theme. The packaging for theBalm products is some of my favourite because they never use plastic, instead study, thick durable cardboard which never collapses, all with in-built mirrors and they close so securely, so there's no worry over mishaps like them opening up in your bag. For applying my theBalm blushes I like to use my EcoTools Blush Brush, which is one of my all time favourite blusher brushes. 

My love affair with theBalm blushes started last Christmas when I bought Sophie Frat Boy blush (Beauty Chamber, 8.5g, £13) as it was on her Christmas wishlist. When I was buying it, I decided it looked too beautiful and had to order one for myself! Since then, I've been hooked on theBalm blushes and think they are an investment well made. Frat Boy is the most universally wearable of theBalm blusher shades, I think, as it's very subtle and light, but can be built up if you want more oomph. The colour is a perfect dolly pink and it looks lovely as a flush of colour on your cheeks; as if you're just slight windswept. The texture of the blusher itself, which is the same throughout the blusher range, is a very soft, light power, which is firm, yet very easy to manipulate and blend. There's never any problems with fall out, and the longevity and amazing pigment means these blushes last all day without the need to reapply.

Something worth noting with theBalm products is that they are all incredibly versatile. The powers, including their blushes and bronzers, are all multi-purpose and can also be used as eyeshadows or contour products. Each of these blushes works just as well on the lids and makes for a nice, subtle day-time look. Down Boy (Beauty Chamber, 8.5g, £13) and Cabana Boy (Beauty Chamber, 8.5g, £13) are the newest theBalm blushes to my ever-growing theBalm collection, and I am actually surprised I have fallen in love with them as much as I have, considering I thought I'd narrowed down my 'favourite' blushes to just a handful - these two were added straight to the faves! Down Boy is a lilac toned baby pink that's a bit more striking on the cheeks than Frat Boy, but still very flattering and would really suit paler beauties. Cabana Boy is becoming a favourite everyday blush for me, as it's a gorgeous deep rosy pink, with a very warm tone to it. It's a gorgeous choice for these Autumn days.

Next, I think I'm going to finally add theBalm Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette (Beauty Chamber, £26) which has been on my wishlist for ages! Are there any new theBalm products in your collection? 

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