The UK's 1st monthly lifestyle subscription service for vegans

14 Oct 2013

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know I am a bit of a beauty box fan. I just think it's a really fun and often budget-friendly way to try new products every month. When you find a good box, like my favourites Birchbox or Love Me Beauty, you know you'll receive decent sample sizes as well as full sizes, in a variety of brands covering all aspects of beauty. Beauty boxes are all in all, a great concept and really fun. Something I have noticed over my time of blogging beauty boxes, is that many of my readers have commented on how they would like to subscribe to a certain box, but because not all the contents were guaranteed to be animal, vegetarian and vegan friendly the boxes were a monthly waste of money, with products they couldn't use. Well today, I get to introduce to you a fantastic new monthly subscription box to hit the scene, and this one is animal, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

TheVeganKind is the UK's 1st monthly lifestyle subscription service for vegans. With the same price as standard monthly subscription boxes, TheVeganKind costs £10 a month plus £2.95 post and packaging. In each box you will receive between 5 and 8 vegan products, including both full size and sample size, covering a huge variety of treats. The boxes will feature both food and drink which is suitable for vegans, as well as cruelty free products such as beauty products and household essentials - the beauty section will even cover both male and female beauty - meaning you and your vegan friend or partner, can both indulge in TheVeganKind! 

I decided it would be fab to get Karris, the brains behind TheVeganKind, to introduce the monthly subscription service to us herself. Here's what she had to say...

"As a huge animal lover, to me, being a vegetarian was the most natural thing in the world. For the longest time I believed that being vegetarian meant I wasn't contributing to the meat industry and therefore no animals were harmed in the making of the food I consumed. I was genuinely confused about veganism and thought that it was just an extreme lifestyle for ageing hippies. I figured that an animal didn't have to die to produce milk, or cheese, or eggs, so where was the harm in eating them? You only have to spend five minutes researching the dairy/egg industry online to completely blow that theory out the water. It took around 3 minutes of me watching videos of a factory dairy farm to realise that I needed to take the next step towards eliminating all animal products from my diet in order to truly live a cruelty free life. Becoming a vegan is a journey, and for me it was a difficult one. I had several months of stopping/starting, slipping up, buying the wrong thing, and it is a minefield for those of us who are just starting out on the journey. It was then that the idea for TheVeganKind was born. I wanted to create a monthly lifestyle service for vegans in the UK, where they could receive a box of guaranteed vegan products every month without having to scour online vegan stores, or read every ingredient on the label. I wanted a way for vegan brands to reach a bigger market, to promote new products and old favourites, and a way to bring veganism into the mainstream. Equally, I wanted to build a community around TheVeganKind; I love to be interactive on our social media and share vegan products and news with our subscribers - I see TheVeganKind as an extended family of like-minded people who are just doing their best to live their life without harming or exploiting animals, and I am so happy I can help them on that journey x"

You can sign up for the first box which is set to go out in November, over on TheVeganKind website. You can also find TheVeganKind on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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