Scents for him and her

31 Oct 2013

I adore perfume. If I’m honest I adore it a little too much, my perfume collection is bordering on ridiculous… I’ve never really been the kind of girl to stick to one scent and I prefer to choose a scent on the spot, based on how I’m feeling that day. Obviously now that the warmer months or over and we’re well into autumn, the scents I’m going for are warmer and more spicy, particularly oriental scents – perfect for this time of year. But one scent has been playing on my mind for months and months now, pretty much since its release, and that’s the Jimmy Choo Flash Eau De Parfum (Beauty Base, 100ml, £59.99) It’s nowhere near an A/W scent, in fact I’d say it’s perfect for the warmer months – but every time I pass it in a department store, I can’t help but have a little spritz.

I’m awkward when it comes to buying perfumes. I can literally lust after them for a good few years before I invest in more high-end scents (Some of the Chloe scents have been on my lust list for well over five years…) and I am seriously lusting after Flash. With pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry, with white flowers and tuberose, this is a divine fruity, sweet scent. I may have to make it a little treat for myself this Christmas…

Talking of Christmas, I’ve been spending hours searching for ideas of what to get my partner this Christmas and one thing I definitely want to get him is an aftershave. The only thing catching my eye at the moment is Paco Rabbane Invictus. Invictus isn’t your usual aftershave scent – there’s a whole range of Invictus products such as shave balms and after shave lotions, gift sets and of course, the eau de toilette - all available over on Beauty Base. I need to give this a spritz in store and see how I like the scent, but it’s described as a fresh and sensuous scent with top notes of grapefruit peel and marine accord, heart notes of bay leaves and gualac wood and base notes of patchouli and amber gris. It sounds great – let’s hope it smells great!

If you have any suggestions of other aftershaves you think might be worth checking out, please let me know your favourites! And if you’ve tried Jimmy Choo Flash before I’d love to hear your thoughts on the scent when on as well as how long-lasting the scent is and whether it’s really worth a cheeky Christmas splurge…

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