NEOM Real Luxury Home Candle

30 Oct 2013

I always have a candle lit, no matter what time of day. There's something about candles and gorgeous scents which leaves me feeling relaxed and soothed. I'm a big fan of the NEOM candles and think they are the best I have ever tried - I've repurchased several of my favourites and even picked up some travel sizes for Christmas presents. NEOM candles stand out for me because they smell absolutely phenomenal, they are made with amazing quality organic ingredients and they are the cleanest candles I have tried, too. I've recently been making my room smell of beautiful jasmine, French lavender and Brazilian Rosewood with the stunning NEOM Real Luxury Home Candle* (NEOM*, £39.50)  

Each of the NEOM candles, in fact all of their products, have a 'treatment'. This changes between the different scents available from NEOM, and the treatment for Real Luxury is described by NEOM as the perfect scent for a relaxing evening, perfect for pampering or when entertaining guests. For me, this has been a daily treat, lighting it in the afternoons for two hours, which leaves the beautiful scent of Real Luxury lingering for the rest of the evening. Real Luxury is one of my favourite NEOM scents, a scent I fell in love with when I tried the NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub. It's soothing, relaxing, it works to leave me feeling rested, at ease and also helps with the stress levels which seem to be rising now I'm in my final year of University. NEOM candles burn for up to 50 hours - which is 30% longer than standard candles. Made with vegetable wax and pure essential oils, NEOM candles don't have a synthetic fragrance in sight and burn without any unnecessary and harmful toxins - and no nasty black soot when you blow them out! If you are new to NEOM or want to give one of their infamous candles a try, Real Luxury is a scent which I think would please most people and a great starting point for delving more into one of my favourite brands. 

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*This post contains a sample which was kindly given to me for review. All opinions are my own.