NARS, the perfect palettes

26 Oct 2013

Over the past year NARS has really impressed me where shadows are concerned and each time a limited edition eyeshadow palette hits the beauty scene, I have to snap it up. The limited edition eyeshadow palettes are in fact the only NARS shadows in my collection, but each palette has me absolutely besotted and I wanted to show you my humble collection, all of which are pretty regular peeper-pleasers now we're really into autumn. Now, of course, with these palettes being limited edition it does mean that you can't buy them all anymore... but this blog isn't just about the products you can buy, but products I am really enjoying using and which are staples in my routine. So these definitely make the cut! And if anything, maybe I'll give one of you a little encouragement to take the plunge next time a limited edition eye palette is released, to snap it up before its gone for good! It's also worth noting a fair few of the shades in these palettes can be bought individually or in duos - I will be sure to link the ones which do.

NARS And God Created the Woman Palette
Alhambra - Bellisima - Kalahari
Galapagos - Coconut Grove - Night Clubbing

And God Created the Woman (£45) - One of the now unavailable palettes and also the first NARS eyeshadow palette I added to my collection. Completely spurred on by the fantastic reviews on Vivianna Does Makeup, I lusted after this palette for weeks before deciding it was too stunning to pass up and added it to my basket before it sold out! An absolutely stunning palette, this really captured my heart and made me stop and think about expanding the brands that I turned to for shadows. For my first time trying NARS shadows I was massively impressed and I suppose you could blame this palette for the fact I want every single shadow palette NARS ever release in the future! In the usual NARS packaging, And God Created the Woman contains six shades. Alhambra (Space NK, Alhambra Duo, £25) is the palest shade in the palette, a pale champagne with the perfect amount of fine shimmer which makes it a beautiful shade for highlighting your inner corner. Bellissima (Space NK, Bellissima Duo, £25) is a matte grey-toned taupe shade and has a lovely velvet finish, applying and blending beautifully. Next up, Kalahari (Space NK, Kalahari Duo, £25) which is easily one of my favourite NARS shades. A stunning rose gold shade packed full of fine shimmer, this looks stunning all over the lid and has more oomph and pigment to it than Alhambra. Galapagos (Space NK, Galapagos Single, £18) is a beautiful warm brown with bronze undertones and a shimmer finish, lovely worked through the crease for a little bit of sparkle and perfect for this autumnal weather. Coconut Grove (Space NK, Coconut Grove Single, £18) is a warm matte brown shade with the same lovely finish as Bellissima and finally we have Night Clubbing (Space NK, Night Clubbing Single, £25), a true stand out shade. A mixture of onyx running through a true black and a fine gold glitter finish, beautiful. After trying this palette out for size, there was no way I could resist future palettes...

NARS Ride Up To The Moon Palette
Argentina - Isolde - Night Porter
Biarritz - Fez - Cordura 

Ride Up to the Moon (NARS, Limited Edition, £32) - One of two more recent palettes I added to my collection, Ride Up to the Moon is still available - but I'd snap it up quick before it sells out! With the same packaging and design of the previous palette, the shades in Ride Up to the Moon reminds me of a deep, dark forest bathed in glorious sunlight. There's incredible highlight shades, shades to really open your eyes and shades that work perfectly for a flush of colour all on their own. Then there's the deeper, more smokey hues and deep forest green. This palette is a favourite right now! Argentina is a limited edition shade for the palette and is just that touch more intense than Alhambra, but with the same beautiful, almost pearl like finish. Isolde (NARS, Isolde Duo, £25) is a truly stunning shimmering copper shade that I am really loving right now, for all over the lid, for the inner corner if my overall look is more intense and it's fab as a liner for the lower lash line, too! Night Porter (NARS, Night Porter Single, £18) is one of my favourite shades in the palette and it's described by NARS as a black with opals, but to me it's the perfect forest green. Biarritz (NARS, Biarritz Single, £18) is the perfect neutral beige and is lovely for a wash of colour over the lids without being too over the top; it's subtle, pale yet super flattering. Fez (NARS, Fez Single, £18) is a shimmer shade and a really gorgeous cocoa shade with the warm tones of copper. Finally we have Cordura (NARS, Cordura Duo, £25) is a shimmering warm, rich brown and so wearable, a great everyday shade. Of the three palettes I own from NARS, this is easily my favourite as it's really perfect for this time of year and I love the variety of shades and finishes. 

NARS Fairy's Kiss Palette
Manosque - Kalahari - Brousse
Tokyo - Brumes - Pandora 

Fairy's Kiss (John Lewis, Limited Edition, £32) - Fairy's Kiss came out at the same time as Ride Up to the Moon and seems to have been quite popular, as it's sold out everywhere except for John Lewis! With smokey hues and a lot of lilac and lavender undertones, this is a beautiful palette but one I think I'll get more use out of when we really hit winter, as the shades are darker than the previous two palettes mentioned. Manosque seems to be limited edition to this palette and it's a gorgeous light rose shimmer shade. Next up, a favourite from the And God Created the Woman palette, Kalahari; which I think works lovely with the shades in this palette as a truly wearable shimmer shade. Next up we have Brousse (NARS, Brousse Duo, £25), a gorgeous black-violet with a fine shimmer running through. This is a beauty blended through the crease! Tokyo (NARS, Tokyo Duo, £25) is a super pale silver toned lilac shade that would be far more flattering on paler skin tones than it is my own and Brumes (NARS, Brumes Duo, £25) is a gorgeous charcoal matte shade, another one perfect for the crease. Pandora (NARS, Pandora Duo, £25) is a true matte black and although it's a little bit temperamental and prone to fall out, it's one of the truest black shades I've come across in a palette, perfect for adding definition, blending through the crease or even used as a liner!

So those are my NARS eyeshadow palettes, all of which I am besotted with. I find NARS shadows to be really workable, there's a fantastic range of shades in each of the palettes and I've not had any problems with any shades! I think the compact little palettes are perfect for popping in your handbag for on the go or travelling away and these shadows last hours even without a primer - although I prefer applying with my Urban Decay Primer Potion. Highly pigmented, incredible formulas and beautiful shades, you can't go wrong really. Do you own any of these? Will you be snapping any of them up before they're gone for good? Let me know what your favourite palette and shade is! In the mean time I'm going to patiently await the release of the next NARS limited edition eyeshadow palette... 
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