#MyLittleSkincareProject - Dry Skin # 3

27 Oct 2013

We've reached the third and final segment of #MyLittleSkincareProject and this segment is all about putting products to the test which are aimed at specific skin types. Each blogger taking part in the project has been sponsored by some really fantastic brands and we have been trialing the products for the project for around 6-8 weeks now. Long enough to give you all a good review of the products we've been trying! These reviews will be in brief - but don't forget you can follow each of the bloggers in the project over on their own blogs, to see more detailed, full-length reviews. If you want to catch up with the project so far you can find all the posts linked at the bottom of this post, and you can also find out exactly what type of skin my dry skin bloggers have in #MyLittleSkincareProject - Dry Skin # 1.

This week my lovely dry skin bloggers Adrienne, Luce and Saffron are sharing their thoughts on some products aimed at dry and dehydrated skin. 
Adrienne has dry skin
Products for dry skin

"The Clear Skin Cookbook* (Viridian*, £7.99) - The Clear Skin Cookbook is packed full of useful recipes and tips to improve the quality of your skin by changing from the inside out. I truly believe that if you look after yourself with diet and exercise then your skin will shortly follow. Drinking lots of water has always been my top tip: I can't expect my skin to look any good if I'm not re-hydrating it throughout the day. On that note, I'm particularly partial to the Raspberry and Melon Cooler that's chock full of vitamin C and helps the production of collagen, something I'm clinging on to in my 20s. The layout of the book is wonderful: lots of science thrown in after a recipe on why each ingredient is beneficial and what it does. After flicking through a couple times, I decided to make the Tomato and Fennel soup. The benefits of this particular soup being clear, glowing skin and protection against free radicals.

Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay for Tired and Devitalized Skin* (Cult Beauty*, £6.98) - Once your insides are happy and healthy it's time to tackle any problem areas, and nothing rejuvenates my tired skin more than the Konjac Sponge for tired and devitalized skin. I don't even have to use a cleanser, just gently buff the sponge onto my face and my skin feels silky smooth. I've got a healthy glow while using the Konjac Sponge, a product made from 100% Konjac fibre, balancing my skins pH level in a naturally gentle way. 

Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth* (Liz Earle*, Pack of 2, £4.25) - After making sure all traces of dead skin cells and dry skin have been suitably removed, I have been using a touch of my usual cleanser with a Liz Earle Muslin Cloth to ensure I am left with a fresh canvas to start the day with. It's a lovely soft cloth that does its job, I was just a little disappointed that there were no distinguishing features of it as a Liz Earle product. It would be interesting to see them bring out something more along the lines of a flannel that will really exfoliate the skin. I find I need something with a little more texture to it to really get away anything stubborn that refuses to move.

La Roche-Posay Physiological Eye-Makeup Remover* (Boots*, 125ml, £9.50) - Then, at the end of a long and tiring day when I have just enough energy to remove my makeup and start my usual beauty regime I've begun reaching for La Roche-Posay Physiological Eye-Makeup Remover. I don't usually opt for dedicated makeup removers, preferring to use an oil cleanser and then going in with a cream cleanser to remove any last traces, but being La Roche-Posay I had to give it a try. Touted as a remover for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, it's actually fairly ideal for me. Being a contact lens wearer, I'm forever looking for ways to remove my eye makeup without getting any in my eyes and causing problems with my lenses, which is so painful. Changes in pH levels can dramatically change your ability to wear contact lenses, and with how gentle this product is, I don't think there is any danger of that happening."

Luce has dry skin
Products for dry skin

"Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask* (Origins*, 50ml, £11, 100ml, £22) - Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask has been a love of mine for well over a year now. I do prefer their 10 minute Drink Up mask, but if you want some intense hydration, this is the one for you. I use it by applying my usual skincare regime after showering and before bed, applying a layer of this to sleep in. I will note that if you do put too much on, your face can be a little sticky. 

Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth* (Liz Earle*, Pack of 2, £4.25) - Liz Earle Muslin Cloths are very popular nowadays as they come with the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, a favourite of mine. Yes they are good, but I find that to get all of the product off, they're not very good in that matter. I find that using a flannel is the best way, especially if you have dry skin as it's also slightly exfoliating on the skin. 

Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay for Tired and Devitalized Skin* (Cult Beauty*, £6.98) - Similar to that, the Konjac Sponge for Tired Devitalized skin, I didn't see any different in my skin when using it. I found that it was good for removing stubborn masks once they have dried, but other than that, I found it a little pointless. 

The Clear Skin Cookbook* (Viridian*, £7.99) - The Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock is a very good read. Not my first pick on cookbooks for skin, but at the beginning there is some good information about which vitamins and minerals your skin needs!"

Saffron has dry skin
Products for dry skin

"Hello again! It seems like forever since the last dry skin post, but we’re back today to share with you some product reviews from the brands kind enough to sponsor the #MyLittleSkincareProject

The Clear Skin Cookbook* (Viridian*, £7.99) - I’ll start with the most unusual gift, The Clear Skin Cookbook. Written by Dave Pinnock, this book is a must for those who believe in beauty from the inside out. With tons of delicious recipes, and all on the healthy spectrum it’s a win-win situation. My fave recipe? Steamed Salmon with Yoghurt Sauce on Wilted Greens. Yum!

Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk* (Origins*, 150ml, £20) - I was also very lucky to receive a full sized bottle of Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk. Having never tried a milk cleanser before it did exceed my expectations. My skin felt super smooth afterwards. The only problem I have is the makeup removing capabilities. I didn't think it was strong enough to get through foundation and mascara so I mainly used this as a second cleanser after micellar water. I do this with most cleansers anyway so that’s not a massive negative in my eyes!

Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay for Tired and Devitalized Skin* (Cult Beauty*, £6.98) - I've left the two accessories til last, but I’ll start with the Konjac Puff Sponge. It comes in many variations depending on your skin type, but I received the Pink Clay version for Sensitive and Dehydrated skins. You simply massage the skin in circular motions whilst the sponge is damp. It is definitely not irritating in the slightest, probably the opposite for me. I didn't feel that it removed cleansers very well, especially ones with a milky formula such as Origins. I found this sponge much more useful for an indulgent face massage! It does deteriorate over time, and that seems to be happening much sooner than I expected so bear in mind this product is not going to last longer than a few months. I’d definitely like to try some of the other variations however.

Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth* (Liz Earle*, Pack of 2, £4.25) - Finally, the Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth. This is the product I keep reaching for over and over. It’s gentle but does remove makeup and the general grime of the day. You use it in the same way as the Konjac Sponge: gently massaging in circles whilst the cloth is damp. I've used this with multiple cleansers and it consistently performs. As with all cloths you need to wash this to keep it clean, but I will definitely be picking up another when this one gets too shabby!

Hope you've all enjoyed my ramblings, if you want to know any more details about these products, look out for more in-depth reviews on my blog!"

Thank you Adrienne, Luce and Saffron for sharing your thoughts with us on such a great variety of products. It's interesting to see how the same products work for different people of the same skin type! In the next post my sensitive skin bloggers will be sharing their thoughts on products specifically targeted at sensitive skin. If you've tried any of these products I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and whether they worked for you!

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*This post contains samples which were kindly donated for the project. Views and opinions are of the individual bloggers.