My favourite night-out destination

21 Oct 2013

Nottingham is a popular ‘clubbing’ destination – there’s six girls to every one guy in Nottingham, so nights out are popular for young, rowdy lads wanting to go out ‘on the pull’. For those a little bit more mature and saying a final bid to their single life before saying ‘I Do’, Nottingham is also incredibly popular for both stag weekends and hen weekends. Nottingham has an incredibly varied night life and there’s literally something for everyone. Being from Nottingham it's no surprise I am a fan of Rock City, but my taste in music also goes a long way in explaining why Rock City is my favourite destination for a night out. My music tastes were massively influenced by my older brothers when I was growing up, one who brought me up on metal and rock, the other who introduced me to my favourite genre – trance. Rock City often gives me a fix of both, depending on the night of the week you go, and of course it’s the perfect destination for a life gig!

Rock City has been pulling in amazing acts for decades and it’s a popular gig destination for many bands, both UK and Worldwide known. The last gig I went to at Rock City was earlier this year when my partner and I along with my oldest brother and sister-in-law, went to see Skunk Anansie. One of my favourite female vocalists, it was an amazing show! I’m next there in the New Year to see one of my favourite bands, Skindred. I can’t wait! The venue itself is huge, with three rooms plus an upper balcony in the main room. On ‘clubbing’ nights, each room will cater for a different genre; so the main room is more mainstream rock, pop punk, indie etc, the basement will be 60s-90’s and the final room will be more hardcore, ‘screamo’ music. There’s always something for everyone and the drinks deals are pretty darn good – never a bad thing when you’re out on a budget!

Other places in Nottingham I really like include the many, many pubs – my favourites are The Old Angel and the infamous Pit and Pendulum. The Pit is actually probably one of my favourite drinking establishments, ever. It’s all done up (or down, perhaps) as a gothic and dark house, with all sorts of creepy crawlies and jars filled with fake specimens. Even better, and by far my favourite bit, is the toilets. To get to the toilets you have to walk through a book case, how awesome is that?!

Where do you love to go for a night out? Have you ever been to Nottingham for a night out?

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