M&S Moisturising Body Butter, better than The Body Shop?

16 Oct 2013

I'm a big fan of The Body Shop Body Butters, in fact they are some of my absolute favourite body products. But I'll let you in on a little secret - I think I've found something better!

I've never really found myself visiting the beauty halls of Marks & Spencer. The few I have been in, haven't overly impressed me and I found, for my personal taste, the packaging of most of their makeup range looks cheap and tacky. Coming across these body butters was one of those moments where you're at the till and you see all the pretty accessories, yummy sweets and odd offer on show. This particular time, I was at the tills in the clothes section - nowhere near the beauty hall - and the tills were adorned with lots of different colour tubs - the Marks & Spencer Moisturising Body Butters (Marks & Spencer, 200ml, £5) There's ten scents in the range and I stood there smelling each and every one; the body butters were on a buy one get one half price offer, so I wanted to make sure I picked two delicious scents, but not two scents which were too similar. In the end I opted for Indulgent Fig & Orange Oil and Creamy Coconut.   

One of the main reasons I wanted to buy these body butters is because they looked, felt and even smelt as good as The Body Shop ones, and because the scent of the Fig & Orange Oil completely captivated my senses and there was no way on earth I was leaving M&S without that in my hand. Both the M&S body butters and The Body Shop body butters come in 200ml sturdy, plastic tubs. Each scent has a different coloured tub, just like The Body Shop, as well as different labels appropriate to the scent of the particular body butter. Creamy Coconut, for example. The Body Shop's version contains 24 ingredients, the M&S version contains 23. Of those ingredients, they both share 11 of the same ingredients, and all of which feature quite high up on the ingredients list. In scent, I find the M&S scents to be more subtle, but for the scent also to be very true to whatever scent it has been labelled with. None of the scents were overpowering, I adore Creamy Coconut for at night and Fig & Orange Oil during the day. They apply and feel exactly the same as The Body Shop ones, being thick and glutinous in texture, easy to massage into the skin and sinking in pretty quickly ones applied. The scent does a wonderful job of sticking around for most of the day and they leave my skin feeling hydrated, softer and firmer. 

As far as I am concerned, these are practically exactly the same as their more expensive counterparts from The Body Shop. I adore The Body Shop body butters and their scent range is incredible. But a 200ml The Body Shop Body Butter is £13, whereas a 200ml M&S Moisturising Body Butter is £5, and buy one get one free! I think I'll be sticking to M&S from now on...

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