KIKO Clics System eyeshadow palettes and shadows review

2 Oct 2013

KIKO Clics System Eye Clics 03

KIKO is a brand I have only recently started to dip my toes into, but their amazingly budget friendly prices and beautiful products have KIKO slowly but surely moving up the ranks of my favourite brands. Today I am bringing you a new release from KIKO, the KIKO Clics System Palettes*. This for me is a pretty impressive beauty release. The one benefit high-end brands have over high-street brands, is the wider variety of single shadow shades per brand as well as the ability to make palettes of your own shade choices. This gives you so much freedom when creating looks and for those not so brave enough with the eyeshadow yet but wanting to ease themselves in with a self-made neutrals palette, palettes can be a fantastic way to go about it. Whereas the usual eyeshadow palettes we are used to have the shades already in them, or the higher end brands who offer self-made palettes end up costing more than several already made palettes put together, the KIKO Clics System gives you the freedom to pick the shades you want in your palette; they are completely customisable. I was kindly sent two Eyes Clics 03 Palettes* (KIKO*, £3.90), but there are also other varieties available; Eye Clics 01, Eye Clics 04, Eye Clics 09 and Eye Clics 24. 

KIKO Clics System Eye Clics 03

The palette itself is sturdy and although made from plastic, it's durable and not something I'd imagine breaking easily. It shuts securely and opens easily, but you won't find this opening out in your bag/a struggle to open. Each of the shadows easily slides into the slots, where you just lightly 'clic' them in place where they are secure, and they are easy to get out if you need to, with a small ridge to nudge them out from. The packaging is sleek and black, with a simple gloss detail and the KIKO logo in bold silver. The eyeshadows which go hand in hand with these palettes are the KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows* (KIKO*, £5.90) and the KIKO Infinity+ Sparkle Eyeshadow (KIKO*, £7.90and I was also kindly sent eyeshadows to fill my Eye Clics 03 Palettes with. This wasn't my first time trying KIKO eyeshadows - I have a post coming up soon on a collection with some pretty impressive, must-have products including a fantastic palette - and I have fallen in beauty adorers lust with these Infinity and Infinity+ Sparkle eyeshadows just as I have the others I have tried. Each of the shadows is numbered, opposed to having it's own shade name. I must admit, I prefer having shade names, but the number system works just as well. 

200 is a pure white with a demi-matte finish, having just the smallest flicker of shimmer. I love this for a brow or inner corner highlight. 221 is a pale pink rose shade with a sparkle finish and very pretty above a natural eyeshadow base. 403 is very similar to 221, except it has more depth to it with iridescent shimmer running through. 217 is a truly stunning satin finish ebony shade, which is a matte shade that is highly pigmented and along with 233, a pearl finish berry shade, not to dissimilar to MAC Cranberry, these are making the perfect duo for A/W looks. I really love KIKO eyeshadows, they are super affordable, large in size and with great pigmentation and longevity. KIKO boost their shadows can last as long for up to 12 hours; I never have my makeup on that long but these apply beautifully and remain crease free all day for me so long as I wear my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I think the palette is a fantastic system, that could be a more purse-friendly alternative to higher end brands whose own versions can be double, even triple, the cost. I definitely plan on getting another Eye Clics 03 palette and picking up some more A/W shades! 

What do you think to KIKO's new Clics System?

KIKO Clics System Eye Clics 03

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*This post contains a PR sample which were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own.