Faking a slimmer figure? Yes please

5 Oct 2013

This is going to be the last of the regular-ish OOTD posts I've done lately, as I need to take some more photos, which for someone with a simple point and shoot camera is impossible to do alone. Today's post is a little bit on the cheeky side. In each of my OOTD posts I've harped on about one annoyance or another, where fashion/style/expectations are concerned. I've actually really loved sharing my thoughts with you all, finding so many of you feel the same way and agree with my rambles. It's comforting, for me at least, to know you're not the only one who feels like this. We all have own insecurities, regardless of how we look to others - it's human nature. Today's post is along the same lines; a good old ramble, a thought shared and writing far more than is ever needed for what could be a simple OOTD post. What can I say, it's all about that rebel life.

I know I'm a big girl. I'm doing something about that by trying to live a healthier lifestyle, but I also don't try to hide the fact I am fat. Notice how I say healthier lifestyle rather than gone on a diet? That's because I truly think when you finally reach that stage where you want your life to change and to transform you're body, being able to look after your body as best you can, that isn't something that you stop doing. You do it forever. You look after yourself until you're not here to look after anymore. A diet is something you do - I have done a million times over - which you don't stick to, a temporary fix, something you can go to anytime your jeans are a bit too snug on your belly. But I'm still big. Fat, chubby, curvy, thick, whatever term you want to use - and sometimes I like to give the illusion that I'm not.

I am all about embracing your body and loving each and every bit of yourself. I already feel so much better about the one and only body I have from merely dipping my toes into body positivity and I want more people to feel happier within their skin. But sometimes, I want to make my size seem less than what it is. I'm sure a lot of people reading this can say the same - who hasn't tried a slimming fit dress or control pants to try and hide our wobbly bits? Choosing clothes which sit on you in a certain way, to give the illusion of a more slender figure, is exactly that - an illusion. You know a certain dress or top or skirt or jeans doesn't really change your actual, physical weight, size or height, but we can pretend they do. And that is absolutely fine. That's why I love this particular dress (although on my figure it's not far off of just being a top!) which I got from ASOS (which they unfortunately don't sell anymore!) back at the beginning of summer. OK so there's a few bits I'd change; as you can see, your bra isn't well hidden in this dress (and I basically couldn't be bothered to change into a black bra when the one I was wearing was perfectly comfy) and it also rises high on my neck, which as a bigger busted lady I find uncomfortable. But it does do wonders for faking a more slender figure. It hugs the areas I want hugged - yes, my boobs - and it falls loosely over the bits I want to tone down, like my tummy and thighs. It's a bit of a wonder dress, if I'm honest. And I know a black and white slightly-depressive over-used theme of crosses, on a dress with not a lot of shape, won't be to everyone's taste - but if I can fake a slightly refined Sophia wearing it, I'm happy! 

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