Brand Spotlight: HealGel & Q&A with founder

3 Oct 2013


Boy have I been looking forward to sharing this review with you! I am a self-confessed skincare addict, I'm always trying new products and my skincare collection rivals that of my makeup. But it's very rare I see such instantaneous benefits from a product, like I have with HealGel. After just one night's use, I knew I liked this range. A few more nights, and I had fallen head over heals in beauty adorers love. But, I always try to use skincare products for a minimum of six weeks before reviewing them, so I can make sure I know how they truly affect, either positively or negatively, my skin. As well as sharing my thoughts with you on this pretty impressive range today, there's also an interesting and informative Q & A with one of the HealGel founders, Simon Withey

Today I am going to talk you through the entire HealGel range which comprises of three core products. The packaging for HealGel is for me, perfect; each product coming in slim plastic tubing packaging, with a pump distributor and with a different colour per product. The packaging is simple, basic, yet lightweight enough for travel. 

HealGel Eye* (Space NK*, 15ml, £32) - HealGel Eye, which has a baby blue label, has a very light gel consistency which easily and quickly absorbs into the skin. The pump on this is generous, so I make sure to carefully pump out just half a usual pump, as a full pump is too much and we don't want any product wastage! Its claims include brightening dark circles, reviving the skin, locking in moisture and lifting and firming the skin around our eyes, with a collagen boosting process. For me, this is great as an every-day morning eye cream. It's not as thick or hydrating as my favourite night time eye products, but it's perfect for day-time use. Although not the most hydrating eye product I've tried, this has definitely helped reduce my dark circles and it takes to concealer well; the skin is hydrated enough to stop concealer creasing or going cakey. It contains a dual-action hyaluronic acid complex which works to lock in moisture and firm the natural contours of our eyes. I think this is fab and would be suitable for all skin types, although dehydrated/dry skin sufferers might prefer a more hydrating eye cream. 

HealGel Intensive

HealGel Intensive* (Space NK*, 30ml, £37.50) - This is the star product of the trio for me and one I doubt I'll ever be without. It made it's way into the 'must always repurchase, forever and ever' products pile within just a few days of use and I absolutely adore what this has done for my skin. I've been lucky to receive a lot of compliments on my skin over the past 4-6 weeks and I think the 'glowing' and 'radiant' complexion I keep being complimented on, is mostly down to HealGel Intensive. Hailed as a unique source of relief for a huge variety of skincare woes, Intensive works to soothe irritation, repair damaged layers of skin and provide the skin with a protective barrier. It's perfect for anything from minor scarring to more intense healing for acne and broken skin. It also works to reduce redness, puffiness and irritation with a blend of active ingredients which work together, increasing our skins natural collagen production and helping to reduce the signs of ageing. Although my skin hasn't quite benefited from the complete reduction of redness, I can happily say Intensive has ticked each and every one of it's other impressive claims. I love the light gel consistency, and the subtle, soothing scent. This is a product which always feels instantly soothing when applied and I have seen the biggest improvement in how hydrated my skin is, as well as how soft and supple it feels, since using Intensive. Every time I use it, the formula and scent make me feel as this is really, really good for my skin, and it is! One pump is enough, but I like to use one and a half pumps to ensure my entire face and neck is pampered with this green packaged beauty marvel. Must-have, couldn't live without, holy grail. You need this in your life. 

HealGel Face* (Space NK*, 50ml, £48) - This is a really lovely moisturiser. Although suitable for day or night time use, I prefer to use this in the mornings and find it works well on both makeup days and makeup free days. Working to firm and tighten the skin using a three part hyaluronic acid complex, HealGel Face replenishes the skin using a unique blend of Omega Oils, which restore elasticity to our skin - something we naturally lose as we age. With a collagen boosting process, HealGel Face can reduce the appearance of fine lines and hold off the signs of ageing - although only temporarily, of course! When I use this moisturiser my skin is always left feeling soft, supple and makeup applies really well. One pump is more than enough for my face and my neck, and I love how my skin instantly feels smoother once applied. 

HealGel Face

Q & A with one of HealGel's founders, Simon Withey:

What is the story behind it's creation? Why did you create HealGel?
- The HealGel range was founded by a term of the World's leading plastic surgeons and a renowned dermatological biochemist. We pooled together our research experience to formulate the first product in the range, HealGel Intensive. The first formula to be perfected, and the result of 3 year's extensive research, HealGel Intensive takes transformative skincare to the next level. This product reflects our passion towards our patients well-being and after card, and our multi-tasking rescue treatment has fast become a cult skincare favourite with many leading health and beauty experts. Originally developed to relieve bruising and swelling, diminish redness and irritation and improve the appearance of scars, HealGel Intensive is a true multi-tasking essential. 

What makes HealGel different?
- We don't have a large complicated range of skincare products, instead we have focused our efforts on formulating the best possible skincare for our patients and customers. I truly believe that HealGel stands out from the crowd. Our collection of potent skincare essentials are suitable for all skin types and do deliver on their promise. Our range was created with our patients needs in mind, and this is reflected in the high quality ingredients we use. We have been delighted with the response from beauty editors, industry experts, top beauty bloggers, celebrities and most importantly, our customers, who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about HealGel from day one - you can read some of their feedback on our Testimonials page.

How do each of the products work?
- HealGel Intensive; our potent skincare essential is now renowned as the go-to product for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and also doubles up as a facial hydrator, skin plumper and makeup primer. Packed with hard-working ingredients known to improve moisture levels and boost collagen production, this must-have beauty solution addresses a whole host of common skin complaints, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin.  

How do each of the products work?
HealGel Intensive: Our potent skin care essential is now renowned as the go-to product for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and also doubles up as a facial hydrator, skin plumper and make up primer. Packed with hard-working ingredients known to improve moisture levels and boost collagen production, this must-have beauty solution addresses a whole host of common skin complaints, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin. HealGel Face; a step-changing complex to rescue and restore unhappy skin. The unique combination of high performance ingredients delivers an exceptional anti-aging formula, revealing an instantly plumper, firmer and smoother complexion from day one. HealGel Eye; an advanced corrective formula, designed to condition and lift the delicate orbital area. The anti-aging formula is packed with powerful active ingredients which work to restore youthful texture, soften the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and improve elasticity through intense hydration. 

What is your favourite product from the range? 
- Personally, I always have to hand a tube of HealGel Intensive, as it's such a great multi-tasker. From soothing mosquito bites and sunburnt skin in the summer, to nourishing frost nipped skin on winter ski holidays, my family and I always ensure we have a supply with us whether we're at home, work or travelling. 

Thank you so much Simon for answering these questions and giving us a better insight into HealGel!

You can find out more about HealGel on their about page

HealGel Eye

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