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20 Sept 2013

Top 5 Skincare Products

For those of you new to my blog, over the past couple of months Shona, who runs Freshbeautyxox, and I have been doing collaboration blog posts. Each post has had a Top 5 theme and this is a monthly feature both Shona and I will be continuing to do on our blogs. You can pop over to Shona's blog to read her post on her Top 5 Skincare Products too, for even more skincare goodness! Be sure to share your Top 5 Skincare Products with me in the comments below, I always love getting skincare recommendations! 

Trying to pick five products which stand out the most for me, was a hard task. Particularly as I had to take into account the products I will be featuring in an upcoming #MyLittleSkincareProject post on the five products which stand out for me the most as being beneficial to oily skin. For this post I've decided to pick products which aren't necessarily specifically tailored to my oily skin, but which stand out from the crowd as really amazing skincare products. 

Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil (Feel Unique, 30ml, £18.99) - This was, and still is, one of those products which helped completely turn my skincare routine around and the long term benefits my skin has had from this facial oil is just phenomenal. I'm on to my third bottle now, but one bottle lasts me around 9-10 months and is well worth it's budget-friendly price tag, for such a high-end product. With ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine which leave my skin glowing, and essential fatty acids including omega 9, rosehip and avocado oils, which work as antioxidants, protecting and restoring my skin to a healthy, glowing and happy complexion. This was the first facial oil I properly got in to and it made me realise just how very important a good facial oil is for oily skin. I still love it as much as I did when I first tried it, but there's another oil that just beats this one to 1st place. The Divine Face Oil is appropriate for both day and night use.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Kiehl's, 30ml, £36) - Truly like no other product I have tried, the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate takes the award for best facial oil in the World, ever. This is a night time facial oil, formulated to really benefit our skin during it's busiest time - whilst we're asleep! With a beautifully calming scent of lavender, Midnight Recovery Concentrate features a blend of naturally derived ingredients such as evening primrose, squalane and a beautiful blend of essential oils. Working to replenish your skin with much needed moisture and hydration, leaving you with a radiant, refresher and youthful complexion, the benefits from this stunning elixir are almost instantaneous. Nothing compares to the way my skin looks after a night pampered with this oil - a must have! 

Top 5 Skincare Products

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster (Boots, 30ml, £24.99) - Hydraluron was for me, a product which I didn't necessarily appreciate at first. I didn't get the instantaneous results that many people have from using this product, and still now, even though I'm on my second tube I don't seem to benefit from it as much as others. But it took my skin deteriorating from not using Hydraluron for a while, to realise just how much it actually does benefit my skin. A serum, and the last step in both my morning and night routine before my moisturiser, Hydraluron has been inspired by injectable hydration treatments all the way from Switzerland. Hydraluron benefits the skin in two ways; it's purest grade of hydraluronic acid works as a hydration active, which can benefit your skins hydration levels tremendously - holding up to 1,000 it's weight in water. It also encourages controlled and mild stimulation of our skins cells, with a bio-engineered strain of marine red algae - very science-y! Hydraluron promises to boost your skins hydration levels, and it meets it's promises easily. A simple yet totally necessary step in my everyday skincare routine, and a product I think would benefit any skin type. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye (Kiehl's, 15ml, £24.50) - Midnight Recovery Eye is the perfect partner in crime to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I don't see myself ever using a different eye cream at night - this does the job amazingly well for me and is pretty irreplaceable. The skin under and around our eyes is thinner, and therefore far delicate, than the skin on the rest of our face. We have to be careful what we put on or around our eyes, and do what we can to protect and repair the area. If not just to ensure we age well, but to make sure our under-eye concealers stay and don't crease! With butcher's broom and the same naturally derived ingredients which feature in the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this leaves my delicate under eye skin soft, firm and youthful. If that isn't enough, it has an instantaneous soothing and cooling effect on the skin when applied. Perfect.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner (Clarins, 125ml, £25) - This completely changed the way I looked at exfoliators. Although many people think exfoliating their skin will make it worse, it is actually very important to have a good exfoliator in your routine. Whereas manual exfoliators can feel sensitive on the skin, the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate. With ingredients of white dead nettle, tamarin and fruit acids, this has a subtle, almost calming scent, feels cooling and softening on the skin and leaves you by morning with smoother, supple more firmer feeling skin. I use this 2-3 nights a week and it's become a real skin treat - I haven't used a manual exfoliator in weeks! 

Top 5 Skincare Products

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