The Illamasqua Hydra Veil know how guide to hydrated skin

4 Sept 2013

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Illamasqua Hydra Veil*, boy was I curious when this was released. I popped in store a good few times, trying it out on my hand, getting my head around the bizarre texture, the way it looked in the packaging, how you were meant to use it. It wasn't until I read this fantastic post that I truly understood how to use it and what Hydra Veil is actually for. I originally thought this was a primer, but it isn't. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Primers are meant to smooth and perfect the skin, making makeup stay and last longer and are particularly good for oily/combination skin types. Hydra Veil is from the new cosmetic care line from Illamasqua - A line of products formulated to look after your skin, so that your makeup applies flawlessly and stays on better. It's a skincare product, and a skincare product I have become pretty besotted with. 

Hydra Veil is a hydration boosting product which benefits the skin almost instantaneously. As soon as I have applied Hydra Veil my skin feels plumper, softer, smoother. Suitable for any skin type, it's not so much a long-term product which will show long-term results, but a product which does provide instant hydration. As the post linked above states - this isn't going to be a miracle cure for signs of ageing. It won't hide away those fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and smile lines. But for me, this gives my skin the boost it needs for my makeup to apply more flawlessly. Having oily skin, which is dehydrated in places, means that my skin actually produces more oil to compensate for the dehydrated areas. Since using Hydra Veil, I have found my foundation applies more seamlessly, effortlessly and my skin overall looks fresher, younger, happier. My skin is noticeably more hydrated when I use Hydra Veil, even if just a quick fix for the day you're using it. It's like a quick alternative to Hydraluron

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Hydra Veil comes in a nifty little pot - it's not heavy duty, just plastic, but well put together so not likely to break, leak or crack. The texture and consistency when you first look at it is smooth, almost like water, but it has a jelly texture to it and if you mix it up together like in the photo below, it goes into a lumpy, jelly texture. Leave it alone for a while? And it will go back to it's original consistency. To use, I apply this after all of my morning skincare routine, before my base. You need a very small amount, as this is one of those wonderful products that despite the high-end price tag, goes a long, long way and I've used this every day for four weeks and only just hit the half way mark. Using the (rather adorable) little spoon which comes with it, scoop out a small amount; the size of the spoon is enough. I then rub very slightly between my fingers before applying directly onto my skin. Sometimes, if I've had a restless night or my eyes are generally looking dull and dark, I'll pop a little extra on my under eye area and massage it in for a good 30 seconds. This leaves my eyes looking fresher, and my skin; which is so delicate and thin in that area, feels hydrated and plump, fab for faking the disappearance fine lines long enough for my concealer not to crease. I also like using Hydra Veil for those days where I don't fancy wearing any makeup, but my skin isn't looking too perky and could do with a little pick me up. 

Hydra Veil is a very nice product. Although not what I would consider, even after daily use for four weeks, a proper skincare product; I've not seen any long-lasting hydrating benefits, it's a product which has become an intricate part of my morning skincare routine. Would I repurchase? Yes. But I would use it far more sparingly and solely on the days when my skin really needed it, making it last longer and getting more out of my money. From the get-go this had my beauty adorers interest piqued, another Illamasqua product which has definitely won me over. (Illamasqua*, 30ml, £27)
Illamasqua Hydra Veil

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*This post contains a PR sample which were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own.