Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

16 September

I am a huge fan of the Real Techniques range and I think they are some of the most affordable brushes out there. Created by Samantha Chapman, one of the Pixiwoos, the Real Techniques brushes are made from synthetic hair and are completely cruelty free. The brushes, which can be bought in sets as well as some brushes which can be bought individually, are some of the best value for money brushes you will find. Each of the Real Techniques brushes I own - which is practically all of them minus two of the individual brushes - are so easy to use, so versatile and multi-purpose as well as being colour coded; gold handles for bases, pink handles for cheeks and purple handles for eyes. I recently decided to pick up the Travel Essentials Kit. (Look Fantastic, £17.84) The Travel Essentials kit contains three brushes; the Multi Task Brush, the Essential Foundation Brush and the Domed Shadow Brush. With a fab handy travel friendly brush case, this kit hosts another three brushes to easily make it into my 'favourite brushes ever' pot.

The Multi Task Brush is designed for making powder, blush and bronzer application easy peasy. With a round but dense head, this is perfect for popping powder anywhere, the perfect size for a flush of colour swept across my cheek bones and not too shabby for bronzer and contour, either. It doesn't quite work with cream blushes, but any powder products and you are on to a winner with this brush! 

The Essential Foundation Brush is almost like a cross between the Expert Face Brush, my absolute favourite brush for applying foundation, and the Pointed Foundation Brush. It's not too big, not too small, with incredibly dense bristles that have enough movement in them which allows you not only to apply your foundation with this brush, but also buff it in for a flawless finish.

The Domed Shadow Brush is a fantastic multi-purpose brush! I can use this for anything from applying colour all over the lid, to highlighting my brow bone and even adding definition and depth in the crease. It has a tapered design and is similar to the Base Shadow Brush from the Starter Set, just with more oomph and capable of doing more things. A favourite eye brush now! 

I really adore the Real Techniques brushes and I think I will definitely pick up the individual brushes I am still to get - I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to collect them all, right?? What's your favourite Real Techniques brush? Let me know! 

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  1. These brushes look great! I just recently bought the Core Collection and I am so in love with the RT brushes now! I can see why everyone loves them so much.

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    1. Ah the Core Collection is fab, although I wish the brushes in that set were available individually, there's a few I'd like to double up on! xo

  2. I really need to start a collection of these brushes!

    The only problem I have with this collection is that for me it's not really travel friendly. I need brushes that fit into small bags for daily touchups and light and un-bulky so I can fit more into my suitcase. I wish more brands did retractable brushes because they fit in my bag AND I know they won't get dirty.

    On the plus side though, I love how these are labelled as I'm hopeless sometimes!

    1. See for me, with the travel case that holds each brush perfectly in place, they are perfect - I don't own any mini, travel sized brushes, because I just use the travel cases from my RT brushes! :) xo

  3. Everyone and anyone who likes to wear make-up should get their hands on some RT brushes! They are fab, reasonably priced, great quality and better than any high end brushes I have ever purchased!

  4. I love my RT brushes, I bought the Core Collection just after Christmas and since then I've built up and bought a lot of the individual brushes. I think the Duo Fiber Collection will be what I buy next.

    I honestly do love all the brushes I have, they make applying makeup an easy task and the brushes are affordable.


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    1. I completely agree, they are so easy to use and so affordable. Literally in anyone's budget! xo

  5. I have a couple on order, cant wait to try them out!!
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  6. Haven't tried any of these yet but I'm after the Sam's picks one when it comes out - looks great for what I want.


  7. I'm considering of picking up a set. What's the difference between the limited edition duo set and the travel set? To be honest, I don't do heavy makeup and just like to keep it natural and neat. Which would you recommend?


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