Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

30 Sept 2013

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I have been raving about beauty blenders for months, finding them the perfect way to get a truly flawless finish. I've never tried the original Beauty Blender, but I've tried my fair share of dupes from 99p eBay finds to online finds like the Makeup Blending Sponge. They are one of my favourite makeup products; they've completely transformed my bases and made me a complete beauty blender addict. 

So, how exactly do you use a beauty sponge? To use, you simply hold under running water - I prefer cold, as it makes my base apply smoother - and let the sponge expand and fill with water, before squeezing out the excess water, quick squeeze in a clean hand-towel, and it's ready to use! You use a beauty sponge to apply and blend your foundation, and the theory is that by pressing the foundation onto your skin with a sponge - almost bouncing it lightly but firmly off of your skin - you will be left with a flawless base. This is something I have found is true with every variety I have tried, regardless of price.

When I heard Real Techniques were releasing their very own spin on the original Beauty Blender, I was more than a tad excited. Like, squealing in delight and voicing my elation on Twitter kind of excited. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge* (Beauty Chamber*, £4.99) is different to any beauty blenders I have tried before. For starters the most obvious difference is the shape. The Real Techniques version isn't the standard egg shaped sponge, it's been precisely sculpted for use on all facial contours, and features. It has curves and points, rounded smooth surface for application in a variety of techniques. It's more versatile, I think, than the popular simple egg shape. As well as being incredibly easy to use, I love the way you can technically use it for three products in one. Using one surface for under eye correctors and concealers, highlighter and foundation, putting all three surfaces to good use! It's pictured dry, and it does expand a little when you use it but not so much as smaller, more compact and firm sponges do. This sponge is soft when dry, softer when wet and expanded. I think this makes a big difference, and a positive one at that, when compared to other varieties I have tried. It's much easier to use with the softer sponge, than my other beloved beauty blenders are. I think I may just repurchase another, so I have two for use between brush washing - and ditch the others to the back of my makeup drawer! Because this has taken number one spot as my favourite beauty sponge. Well done Real Techniques, well done.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
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*This post contains a PR gifted product, however all views are my own and 100% honest.