NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Kit - Limited Edition

15 Sept 2013

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Kit

Usually on a Sunday the only post on the blog is the #MyLittleSkincareProject posts, but as this set is limited edition, I wanted to share it with you all whilst there's still time to snap one up! 

NEOM have released a limited edition Perfect Night's Sleep Kit (NEOM*, £55) In association with The Sleep Council, whose moto is 'Sleep Good, Feel Good', the kit is limited edition and will only be available to buy during the month of September. I was kindly sent three travel size versions of each of the products in the kit to try out, but the kit itself holds all full sized items; NEOM Tranquility Candle, NEOM Tranquility Bath Foam and NEOM Tranquility Pillow Mist. In total the kit has a whooping worth of £75.50, but as you are buying the products as a kit and not individually, you can save £25.50! The Tranquility treatment runs throughout the kit and has top notes of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. The kit is put together as a three step answer to getting a good night's sleep.

Step 1 - Light your NEOM Tranquility Candle - The NEOM candles are some of the best I have ever tried, in fact, they are! The scents are completely unbeatable and each is unlike anything else I have ever found in other brands. The candles are a firm favourite of mine; just two hours of a NEOM candle can leave my entire house smelling amazing all day long. With the Tranquility range having such strong, invoking scents, the English lavender will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for bed in no time. The NEOM candles retail for £39.50 for a full sized or £15 for a travel size, so a full sized candle in the kit is just fantastic! 

Step 2 - Enjoy a relaxing bath with NEOM Tranquility Bath Foam - I already own and adore a NEOM Tranquility Bath Foam. It was the first NEOM product I ever tried and it's just so much more luxurious than anything else I have ever tried. Settling into a hot bath filled with bubbles and the phenomenal scent of Tranquility, especially with these colder nights ahead, is just perfect. It's still my favourite bath product and I don't think anything will replace it. The NEOM bath foams come in 200ml glass bottle and usually retail for £20. The candle and bath foam alone well cover the cost of the kit!

Step 3 - Relax and get a wonderful night's sleep with NEOM Tranquility Pillow Mist - This is a new product for me, from trying out the kit, and I am besotted. I love room sprays and especially enjoying spritzing them just before bed, so that everywhere smells lovely; it really helps me relax and unwind. With the true Tranquility scent, it definitely makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed in bed, helping me drop off to sleep quicker - And that's saying a lot, seeing as I have problems with getting to sleep! The NEOM mists are usually £16 for a 100ml glass bottle!

I think this kit is wonderful. It's not only a great kit for anyone who struggles with sleep, with a stunning scent that's truly unbeatable, but it's a lovely way to try a great range of lovely NEOM products without having to pay full retail price, as you would if you bought each product individually. The kit is available throughout September on the NEOM website and you can find out more on NEOM's Sleep Guide

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Kit

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*This post contains a PR sample which were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own.