Impressive makeup and stunning palettes from Makeup Atelier Paris

9 Sept 2013

Not so long ago I shared a Brand Spotlight post with you all about Makeup Atelier Paris, a brand who up until that point, I had never heard of. So impressed with the products I have already tried, I was pretty excited to try a bunch of even more stunning products from Makeup Atelier Paris and I've been trialing these products, a few of which are unique to anything else I own, as well as a few staples, over the past few weeks that I am excited to share with you all today.

Makeup Atelier Paris Waterproof Liquid Foundation* - Having never tried a waterproof foundation, I was pretty excited to try this one. Unfortunately, my attempts to guess my shade online didn't quite work out and the foundation itself is much too dark for me - It's like having an instant tan that doesn't quite match with the rest of my body. But, never to be put off by a wrong shade, I have tried this in a fair few ways so I can share my thoughts with you. I did apply this all over, when I was at my most tanned over the Summer and only just managed to pull it off if I didn't apply bronzer afterwards. I have also used this as a liquid contour to apply contour to the usual places, as the shade is just dark enough for a natural contour, as well as, as a liquid bronzer, which again it works perfectly for. The consistency at first appears very thin and more liquid based than my usual foundations, but once you start to blend it in it's evident this is actually a fairly thick foundation. I expected the coverage to be very light, but it's actually easily a medium to heavy coverage and also very easy to build, all whilst feeling weightless on the skin. This is no dewy base; once on you'll find a pretty matte finish, and what's even better is that it lasts throughout the day despite my oily skin. I would love to be matched up to my true shade and see how this fairs as an everyday foundation, because the formula, consistency, finish and longevity are seriously impressive. (Makeup Atelier Paris*, £22)

Makeup Atelier Paris Creme Blush* - If you've been reading my blog for a while then a few of you will have noticed how besotted I have become with cream blushes this Summer, and Makeup Atelier Paris have not let me down with their dreamy formulas and massives of pigment. I've been trialing a creme blush in the shade Coral and the colour pay off easily rivals my Illamasqua cream blushes. A true coral colour, you need a light hand as these really have some oomph, but they are easy to blend and have an almost cream to powder finish. The lasting power with this particular creme blush outlasts any of my other cream blushes, so I will definitely be adding a few more shades to my collection to see me through the colder months. I also really like the little round pots these come in; nothing too fancy, but sturdy, durable and not likely to crack and break on you. Also, really reasonably priced - next on my lust-list is Natural Rose and Ambering Rose. (Makeup Atelier Paris*, £12

Makeup Atelier Paris Pressed Cake Liner Palette* - I'm never one for a subtle look and usually tend to find myself sticking to either gel or liquid liners for more daily basis use, and then pencils for more smoked out looks and more so in the colder months. Something I have never tried before, is a powder liner. Almost identical by sight as the Makeup Atelier Eyeshadow Palettes, it's only the dark shades in the Cake Liner Palette which differ. I've experimented with this palette for a few weeks now and find as well as the powders being suitable for liners, they also work really well in the crease as a shadow. When used as intended, I found I was pleasantly surprised. With a softer finish than a liquid or gel liner, these actually transform a look and can add enough kick, but with a softness that is flattering, to any look. I can't wait to experiment more with this palette now that the colder months are here, and my darker, more sultry shades come out to play. There's five shades in the palette. A deep teal, a deep purple, a navy, a slate grey and an almost true black. (Makeup Atelier Paris*, £25)

Makeup Atelier Paris Lipstick Palette* - Of all the products I have been trying, these two lipstick palettes are by far the products I was most excited about. I've never owned a lipstick palette and although there's quite a variety on the high street, I always found the high street varieties to be a bit pointless as the lipstick pans are so tiny and wouldn't last long. The Makeup Atelier Paris Lipstick Palettes are the same size as their eyeshadow palettes and each pan has enough product to last a fair while. I have been trying to palettes, Rose Violet; which is glorious pinks and purples, and Rouge, which is stunning reds and corals. Each palette contains five shades and one shade per palette is a glitter gloss. I think these palettes are absolutely fantastic because the shades in each cover brighter, more vivid shades perfect for the warmer months, through to deeper, darker shades perfect for the colder months. The glitter gloss shades can be a little messy, their softer than the other shades in the palette, but the glitter in them is very fine and works well on top of any of the shades in the palettes. The normal lipstick shades are so pigmented, very long-lasting and I don't experience any colour bleeding when wearing them. Handy to pop in your bag to change a look from day to night, and perfect for travelling. I know I'll be stocking up on a few more and the variety of shades in the palettes are fantastic with 15 palettes available. Big, big fan. (Makeup Atelier Paris*, £25)

Yet again I am thoroughly impressed and Makeup Atelier Paris are quickly becoming a brand I associate with impressive formulas, amazing pigments and long lasting products. 

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*This post contains a PR sample which were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own.