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3 Sept 2013

OK, first things first, sorry for the title of this post. I just couldn't resist! 

One thing I will always remember from my younger years where makeup is concerned, is the obsession I had with bright, vibrant, neon pinks. I used to opt for the brightest, most vibrant pink lipsticks I could find, for pretty much any makeup look I did - even if I had a seriously intense black smoky eye. Whether day, night, pink lipstick was my thing. As I've grown older, pink is a colour I reach for less and less and the products I own which are pink are mainly blushes. I guess I kind of grew out of pink, or overdid it so much at the time that I moved onto other shades which were more flattering against my skin tone - and for my age. But the last few weeks of Summer I've completely rekindled my love for pink-tastic products and find myself turning to them more and more.

Everyone loves a good pink polish, right? When it comes to polishes, I like pinks which have a bit more something-something to them than just a standard, high-street neon pink. On my nails neon pinks can leave my hands looking dirty, as I am naturally tanned - the same reason I can't wear really neon pink lipsticks and the reason I haven't added MAC Candy Yum Yum to my collection, too bright! But there's a few polishes in my collection which are spot on, the perfect pinks. Paul & Joe Bermuda (ASOS, £6.50is a toned down pink, with obvious tones of coral running through to make it a very warm pink which is perfect for summer days and a shade I opt for frequently on my toes. Illamasqua Loella (Illamasqua, £14.50) on the other hand, easily takes the prize for the most perfect pink polish you ever did see. The perfect candy pink, with the most teeny, tiny flecks of iridescent shimmer running through it, this has been my favourite pink polish of the summer. A pink polish I think anyone needs to have in their collection, Illamasqua polishes remain chip free for a good five days or more and they are some of the best polishes I have ever used. 

This summer seems to be the year I have embraced pink blushes more than ever before. The progression from the shades I was opting for; mainly corals, has been quite interesting. At the beginning of the summer I felt more comfortable wearing Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Dollface (Tarte, US only, $26) and The Body Shop All In One Blush in Guava (The Body Shop, £8) which also beame a firm favourite blush for me over these warmer months as it's just so lovely and wearable! Both of these are powder blushes and very pale, dolly pinks that anyone of any skin tone could easily pull off. They can be built up, but not so much so that you could make any drastic mistakes. As the warmer months progressed, cream blushes hit the high-street like you wouldn't believe and I started dabbling in cream blushes for the first time. I am a big fan of the Bourjois Cream Blushes, particularly in shade 03 Tender Rose (Boots, £7.99) which is a soft pink with a touch of warmth to it. After finding cream blushes certainly weren't as scary as I had imagined, I opted for some high-end cream blushes and there's one in particular which completely stole my heart. MAC Cream Base Colour in Pink Shock (MAC Pro-Stores only shade, £15) is my most favourite pink product in my collection, a true vibrant, bright bubblegum pink that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Even with a slight hand and light application, this baby has some oomph and I absolutely adore it! Will I ever find a cream blush to beat this wonderfully pink perfection? I doubt it.

One thing you just can't forget when you're talking pink, is lipsticks. I own my fair share of pink lipsticks, but I do more often opt for those pink lipsticks with a tad more something-something than I used to. Instead of going for baby pinks which make my skin look far too dark for the shade on my lips, a favourite of mine to reach for is MAC Pink Plaid (MAC, £15) A warm, deep pink, this is just stunning for a more day-to-day basis and is actually very subtle for a pink in comparison to the others in this post. You can see me wearing Pink Plaid in this Instagram picture. If I want something a little more sheer, I opt for my  Maybelline ColorSensational Popsticks in Tropical Pink (Superdrug, £7.19) which is the definition of a sheer pink. With a fruity scent that leaves your mouth watering, this leaves just the tiniest, little smidgen of colour on your lips - a flush of sheer pink, leaving a healthy finish. When I feel a bit more daring and fancy a colour with a lot more oomph, I opt for another Maybelline favourite, the Maybelline ColorSensational in Fuchsia Flash (Boots, £7.19). Oh does this have oomph! This is bright! In your face, daring, with that beautiful undertone of purple I adore in pinks. As long lasting and comfortable on the lips as my favourite MAC lipsticks, this is a beauty. But the fantastic thing about the Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks is that you can apply them more sheer. Don't shy away from the shades which look too bright in the bullet - applied with a lip brush you can achieve a subtle look, or straight from the bullet for that more ohh la la look. When I do opt for my more brighter pink lipsticks, I like to tone them down just a touch with what is quite possibly, my favourite lipgloss ever. Chanel Glossimer in Astral (Debenhams, £21) is the most beautiful pink lipgloss you ever did see. With a fine glitter throughout, this perfect pretty pink can take an overpowering pink lipstick, or even a more subtle one, and turn it into something else entirely. Non-sticky, non-greasy and just utterly divine, my most prized possession where lip-glosses are concerned.

What are your favourite pink-tastic products? Let me know if you like the idea of colour themed posts - Anything from purple, to blue, green, yellow, red, gold and bronze shades, silvers, blacks and a whole host of other lovely colours! I really enjoyed writing this post so I hope you all enjoyed reading. Thanks for stopping by!

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