Flawless eyes with Paul & Joe

19 Sept 2013

Over the past couple of months I have completely changed the way I do my eyeliner. I have a bit of a complicated history, where eye liner is concerned. I used to only use pencil liners, then I moved on to liquid liners - both from the high-street. But after using liquid liners for a long period of time, the ingredients and formula began to seriously irritate my skin and as soon as I had applied my liner, my eyes would be stinging and sore. After that I decided to try cream and gel liners and the ones on the high-street are OK, but I found they'd cost around £6-9 and would quickly dry up rendering them useless. About 12 months ago I exclusively started using the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liners, and found them the easier to work with, gentle on my eyes and just generally a great long-lasting product. That was it, I stuck to my Bobbi Brown liners and never even considered turning to a liquid liner again. But over the past few months I've begun experimenting with them again, finding the Illamasqua Precision Ink liners to be amazing, and now I think I've actually found 'the holy grail' brand for liners - and I am addicted!

I've been trying three liners from Paul & Joe. My favourite actually seems near on impossible to find online - only available on HQHair. I was kindly sent the Paul & Joe Fluid Eye Liner, which is a dramatic and perfect black, with a firm but flexible applicator. This took me some getting used to at first, but it has quickly become my absolute favourite liquid liner, ever. It just does not budge! Once this is on, that's it - you better have a good bi-phase eye makeup remover, else this won't come off. It's so easy to create a precise line and perfect flicks, it's just so easy to use! Besotted. (HQHair*, £14.50)

Two other Paul & Joe liners I have fallen in beauty adorers love with are the Paul & Joe Autumn Liquid Eyeliner*(BeautyBay*, £18) pens. With a much softer, flexible tip than the Fluid Eye Liner, these remind me of expensive felt tip pens. Their tips are firm, but flexible and easy to direct in any way you want, not too thick, but enough to create anything from a thick liner to the most natural of soft lines. There's two shades, True Black and Sepia Brown and I am especially adoring Sepia Brown now that we're reaching Autumn. It's softer than the liners I will use when we really hit Winter, but for Autumn with a few odd teases of sunshine left, Sepia Brown is just perfect. 

The Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo in Bourgeoise (Strawberrynet*, £20.50) is also rather hard to find, but I managed to find it on a fab UK site. I really like the Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo; the shades are perfect for Autumn with a warm lilac mauve and a soft true gold, with a stunning shimmer. These are so easy to use - just pop on your lids and use either the applicator or your fingers to blend to your desired finish. Once dry, these have strong saying paying and need a good makeup remover to make them budge. These will be especially lovely nearer to Christmas for events and family occasions!

Have you ever tried a product which has totally changed the way you felt about it before? I'm so glad I'm able to use liquid liners again; if I'm honest, I can get a much more precise line than I can with a cream or gel liner. They are quicker and easier to apply. What's your favourite kind of eyeliner? Let me know! 

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*This post contains a PR sample which were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own.