Diptyque Philosykos, worth the hype?

24 Sept 2013

I'm pretty easy when it comes to scents. Fruity, floral, spicy, I like pretty much all scents - except aniseed and marzipan. Perfume wise I have quite a selection, both from the cheapest of the cheap on the high-street, to a select few high-end scents which are treated like prized possessions, to be used sparingly and for 'special occasions'. In my time of reading beauty blogs and running my own, there's one scent which just kept popping up everywhere; Diptyque Philosykos. Everyone seemed to either have it and adore it, or lust after it, but I didn't get the attraction. Diptyque are infamous for their very high-end scents and it's just never a brand I ever considered, let alone thought I would own something from. 

Back in April whilst shopping before the London meetup I arranged with Sophie and Lisa, a few of us popped into Liberty. If you walk into Liberty from the back entrance, you walk through the seriously tempting chocolate and sweet counters, straight into the Diptyque room. I decided to see what all the fuss was about and so I stopped mid-step, picked up Philosykos and spritzed myself. And that was that; there was no point from that moment on-wards that I could imagine my life without this scent. Sounds a bit melodramatic, right? 

To me, Philosykos is like being home. With the most exquisite, true scent of freshly ripened figs I have ever smelt in a beauty product before, this takes me straight back to a road side in Cyprus in the blazing heat, buying fresh figs off of the back of a van. As soon as I smell this, every single time I use it, I instantly feel like I'm back in Cyprus. The scent is soothing to me, it feels natural and it's so unbelievably beautiful - it's the most precious scent I own. Easily the most expensive fragrance I have ever bought, I think Diptqyue Philosykos is stuck with me for life now, because I genuinely don't think I could ever be without this scent. Worth every penny - for the memories alone, if not the most beautiful scent in the World. (Liberty, 50ml, £50)

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