Brand Spotlight: NYX, a new favourite brand!

23 Sept 2013

Products from NYX Cosmetics

I was first introduced to NYX through the many American beauty YouTubers that I adore to watch, who left me lusting after more NYX products than I care to admit. NYX definitely seems to be a popular brand among beauty adorers and their very purse-friendly prices make them a budget-friendly brand anyone can delve into. I have been trialing six products from NYX over the past few weeks and it's safe to say, I'm well and truly hooked! 

NYX Powder Blush* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, 6.4g,  £6) - NYX powder blushes are by far some of the most raved about blushes I've seen on YouTube - remembering I watch a lot of American beauty YouTubers. The powder blushes are the NYX's products I lusted after the most. With the most perfect formula, these blushes are soft, yet firm enough not to cause drop out. They are highly pigmented, with great long lasting colour which can be both subtle or more defined, depending on your application. The soft formula makes them super easy to blend and they are just so wearable, I love them! There's 20 shades available in America, but here in the UK we can get hold of 8 shades, so I'm hoping the other shades are brought over here soon! They're super budget-friendly, costing less than most high-street brands in Boots and there's literally a shade for everyone. I've been trying Taupe, a beautiful warm shade which can be used as a natural blush or with a bit more oomph for a contour. I've also been using Amber, which is a bit more Autumn friendly than the shades I've been opting for over the past six months. It's a warm pink, but its still very natural and just gives me that pop of colour I'd get from the wind on my cheeks. It's that sort of nice warm rosy glow! I can't wait to add more NYX powder blushes to my collection!

NYX Powder Blushes

NYX Push-Up Bra for Eyebrow* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, £9.50) - I'm not sure what I love this product more for; the fact it really is an amazing product that does exactly what I need, or the rather unusual name. Either way, this has become a daily regular in my makeup routine. My face is very chubby, so none of my features are naturally defined and none of my features easily stand out on their own, whereas they do on slimmer, more defined faces. Because of this I like to go all out when it comes to contouring and highlighting - I need to give my face a little extra helping hand! I've had products like Push-Up Bra before and most recently the one I've hailed as unbeatable, is the Sigma Highlighting Pencil. At £10.25, the Sigma alternative isn't much more price wise than the NYX Push-Up Bra. But they do differ, in both formula and use. The Sigma Highlighting Pencil is solely that - a highlighting pencil with two different highlighters. The NYX Push-Up Bra is multi-purpose, with an end for a light, neutral highlight shade and finish with a warm brown brow pencil on the other end, for your brows. I adore the Sigma Highlighting Pencil, but there's no denying the ease of having a highlighter and brow pencil in one product is fantastic for on the go touch ups and the brow pencil is soft enough for light, hair-like application. The highlighter isn't as good as the Sigma one; it's slightly less vibrant in colour and also a little bit more waxy, which makes it less easy to use than the Sigma one. But for people on the go, like me who commutes up and down the Country for Uni, a product like this is invaluable and saves space in my travel makeup bag (for yet another lippy!) 

NYX Push-Up Bra

NYX Rouge Cream Blush* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, £5.50) - The Summer of 2013 was well and truly the Summer I embraced the cream blush. At the beginning of Spring I didn't own one single cream blush; now they're the first product I look for when in Boots! I am completely converted to the cream blush 'trend' and NYX Rouge Cream Blushes have easily climbed the way to sit at the top with some of my most treasured cream blushes, high-street and high-end included. There's three cream blushes I have been trying from NYX, all of which are absolutely beautiful and each is actually a very close dupe for higher-end brands. Hot Pink is exactly that, a bright, vibrant true pink. A shade which will be more suited to those who like a stand out blush, this packs a punch and it is an almost spot on dupe for MAC Cream Colour Base in Pink Shock - a pro shade! Orange is a vibrant orange, which warm undertones and not too yellow as some orange blushes can be. It's warming, and when blended is very close in colour to the Stila Convertible Colour in Gladiola. Tickled is the most universal shade of the three I have been trying and one I could imagine complimenting many skin tones. Think NARS Orgasm and Sleek Rose Gold, but in cream form, and that's Tickled exactly. A soft rose gold, with slight shimmer and a shade which makes me think of perfect sunsets over paradise. It's muted, it's subtle and it's utterly breath-taking. The NYX cream blushes have a very soft, smooth formula and they are definitely creamy. They don't have that cream to powder finish most high-street blushes have, and leave a lovely pop of colour with a dewy finish, with longevity that rivals high-end brands. Just lovely. 

For my first dabble into NYX I am impressed, and I plan on expanding my collection - there's just too many raved about NYX products that I need to try. If you've tried NYX before, let me know what your favourite product is and what I should try next!

NYX Rouge Cream Blush

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*This post contains a PR sample which were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own.