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2 Sept 2013

A picture of Sk:n Skincare

It's no secret I love skincare and I always love trying new products. Over the past eight weeks I have been trialing a few products from Sk:n, who I recently wrote a post about. There's a few things I really like about the skincare range from Sk:n. Each product has an almost unnoticeable scent which smells clean and fresh. The packaging is super simple and colour coordinated by range of which there are six; Repair & Protect, Anti-Ageing, Exfoliate, Cleanse, Corrective and Anti-Blemish. I also think the products are fairly reasonably priced, with some being more purse-friendly than others. 

Sk:n Repair & Protect Sunscreen SPF30* - I am a big fan of SPF's. I don't use SPF just in the warmer months, either. I think SPF is something that everyone should have as a staple in their skincare routine. Unless I am staying home all day and know I won't be leaving the house, I always pop an SPF on after my moisturiser. It's better to be protected all year round than risk damage from the suns oh so bright rays. The Sk:n Repair & Protect Sunscreen SPF30 contains key active ingredients of Alpine Rose, which is a fab anti-oxidant, Alp Rose stem cell extract, which is great at improving the skins barrier and increases stem cell vitality and contains a synergistic blend of sunscreens with certified SPF30 and UVB protection. With an almost unnoticeable light scent, this SPF can feel a little heavy on the skin, but the plus side is that it sinks in to the skin very easily and doesn't leave any white marks. I took this to Leeds fest with me and also used it on my body, although it isn't advertised as for the body, and found myself one of the few in our camp who didn't end up with sun burnt shoulders on the first, very sunny day. (Sk:n*, 100ml, £18)

Sk:n Repair & Protect Aloe Vera Gel* - Another product I took to Leeds fest is the Repair & Protect Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera is an ingredient which has amazing benefits to the skin, and I think a staple product in your routine, or even just in the cupboard for those moments when your skin needs a bit of aloe vera TLC. Aloe vera works to cool and soothe irritated skin and with key ingredients of Aloe Vera, Allantoin, which is moisturising and works to reinforce the skins barrier function, as well as Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant which protects the skin from free radicals and Panthenol which works to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised, this is definitely a powerful aloe vera product. Again with very little scent, this is a super light weight product and even when applied to non-irritated skin, feels super cooling and soothing. This is great not just for the face but any area of skin where your skin might need a bit of help in repairing and soothing itself. I've tried a lot of aloe vera products, but the light-weight consistency and way this sinks beautifully into my skin, makes this a firm favourite I don't plan on going without. (Sk:n*, 100ml, £10)

A picture of Sk:n Skincare

Sk:n Cleanse Vitamin-Rich Cleanser for Oily Skin* - The Vitamin-Rich Cleanser works to remove makeup, dirt and impurities, is fortified with anti-aging vitamins and anti-oxidants and contains glycolic acid, a favourite ingredient of mine, which works to remove any dead skin cells, smooth the surface of the skin, clear clogged pores and improve the skin overall. It has key active ingredients of Evening Primrose Oil, which has soothing and healing properties, Allantoin, which is especially moisturising for dry or sensitive skin types, as well as Vitamins A, C and E which protect the skin from free radicals. I really like this cleanser, and the cleanser I will be mentioning below, although I do find that Sk:n cleansers seem more appropriate for non-makeup days. This doesn't work much on eye makeup - or at all really - but it does leave my skin feeling and looking more clean, clear and healthy. (Sk:n, 200ml, £14)

Sk:n Exfoliate Facial Exfoliating Cleanse for Oily Skin* - I was really excited when I saw Sk:n's offering of an exfoliating cleanser, but I have to admit, other than a more intense scent (which to me smells like fudge), I don't see a difference between this cleanser and the Vitamin-Rich Cleanser. I didn't experience any of the exfoliating benefits Sk:n claim you will see with this product and it has the exact same consistency; a very light-weight, non-sticky or greasy gel like product, as the Vitamin-Rich Cleanser. Said to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, removing any dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother and brighter complexion which is clean and clear, it contains slightly different key active ingredients to the Vitamin-Rich Cleanser. With Glycolic Acid, as well as Glycerin which is a natural moisturiser and Salicylic Acid which works to adsorb any excess oil on the skin, clearing clogged pores of dirt, makeup and impurities. Although a lovely scented product, for me this is just the same as the Vitamin-Rich Cleanser and my skin did not benefit from any exfoliation. (Sk:n*, 200ml, £22)

A picture of Sk:n Skincare

Sk:n Anti-Ageing Hand Cream* - You can never go wrong with a good hand cream and I hold my hands up and admit I am a bit of a hand cream hoarder - I have tons of them! But I never like to be caught out, especially now the colder months are just around the corner; my hands can become very dry, very quickly, which can be awfully uncomfortable. The Sk:n Anti-Ageing Hand Cream isn't just any old hand cream, as you may have guessed from the name. It works to moisturise and firm your skin, increase the elasticity as well as helping to repair any skin damage caused by free radicals such as brown spots and marks. It has key active ingredients of Anti-Ageing Peptides, which work to stimulate our skins own natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production, as well as Vitamins C and E, both anti-oxidants beneficial to the skin, and Jojoba Oil, another firm favourite ingredient of mine which is super moisturising and hydrating. Not as thick as my usual choices in hand cream, I find this moisturising, but on a temporary basis with no long lasting hydration boost to my skin. It is however one of the least greasy hand creams I have ever used, which is always a bonus. (Sk:n*, 50ml, £15)

Sk:n Anti-Ageing Neck Firming Cream* - Of all the products I have tried, this is by far my favourite. Our necks get just as abused as our faces; we blend makeup down onto our neck for a flawless finish, our necks are always on show so easily affected by free radicals and our necks and decolletage can be just as in need of proper care as our faces. I always bring my skincare routine, both AM and PM, down onto my neck and decolletage, so a neck cream is an important fixture in my skincare routine and this is quite possibly, the nicest neck cream I have ever used and one I genuinely could not be without now. With key active ingredients of Anti-Ageing Peptides, Vitamins C and E and Jojoba Oil, this is a super moisturising, hydrating and smoothing product. It has a thick, creamy consistency but easily sinks into the skin and instantly makes my skin feel softer and more supple. It's just so utterly lovely! I have seen a noticeable difference in the texture of my neck and decolletage since using this beauty. A must-have. (Sk:n*, 50ml, £35)

I hope you enjoyed my Brand Spotlight on Sk:n! Be sure to check out my other Brand Spotlight posts below! If you've been trying any new skincare products lately, let me know how your getting on with them and if you have any recommendations, I always love to hear about new skincare products I should give a go. 

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*This post contains PR samples which were kindly sent to me for review, however, all opinions are 100% my own.