Bingo isn't just for grannies, you know...

11 Sept 2013

What do you think of when you think of bingo? A couple of years back and my answer would be ‘I’m not that old yet!’. I don’t know why, but I’ve just always associated bingo with the elderly… You know the sort, grannies with their dabbers, playing bingo together on a weekly basis… Our local town and bingo hall even put on buses for these lovely old biddies with their blue rinses, and you always know when their headed to bingo, chatting away with excitement. I always thought old ladies were the only ones who played bingo, but boy was I wrong. One time, a friend dragged me to our local bingo hall, and my thoughts on bingo completely changed from there on in!

Our local bingo hall is actually fab. There are a couple of nights a week where you can go and play for free (obviously, these were the nights my friends and I chose to go…) I’ll never forget the first time I played bingo. I was overly excited by the fact they had a pink dabber, and I really didn’t understand how to play – even those it’s stupidly simple. Once I got into the second game, I’d got into the swing of things and could easily play along without constantly asking my friends to repeat previous numbers. I started filling all my boxes up and suddenly, there it was, I had a full set! I shouted ‘I’ve won!’ and instantly went bright red and sunk under the table, terrified I’d got it wrong, I’d marked the wrong numbers, panicking, because it was too late now. The guy who checks was walking towards me…. Less than a minute later I got the ‘all clear’, “We have a winner!” and £200 was handed to me in an envelope. The shock on my face must have been hilarious for my friends, I just couldn’t believe my luck!

As you can imagine, after such a lucky win, I was back there every week. There’s a couple of occasions I’ve won small amounts, like £10, £20 and £30, but never a big win like £200 again. But I still go every now and then, hoping I’ll grab that lucky windfall again!

Bingo halls are nowhere near as old fashioned as you’d think, either. So many people my age (25 – over the hill!) go along and it becomes quite fun, a regular night planned with your friends. Plus, the bar and food during the breaks are always welcomed! It’s been a while since I last went, but after telling my neighbour about this very post and the story I have shared with you all, we’ve decided to start going together, and I’m pretty excited to get my ever faithful pink dabber out for some old fashion fun and games. If you’ve ever played bingo and been lucky enough to win, I’d love to hear how much you won and whether you were as pleasantly surprised as me! And in the meantime, be sure to check out Butler’s Bingo online, you never know, you might have a lucky windfall like I did…

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*This post is a fab and fun collaboration with Butler's Bingo, where I got to share a very silly story that left me giggling as I wrote it. I hope you find it as funny as I do looking back on it! *slowly hides under her desk....*