A summery OOTD on a perfect Autumn day

6 Sept 2013

There's no denying it - Outfit of the day posts terrify me. I'm not exactly what I would call fashionable, in fact if anything, I despise trends and the ever changing popularity of clothes. London Fashion Week irritates me, and magazines dictating outfit disasters on 'celebrities' rile me up something rotten. If I see something I like, I buy it. If I am comfortable wearing something, I will wear it. Oh, that top I like isn't 'in' anymore? It's OK, I'll carry on wearing it for years and years. If I'm honest, I don't even understand fashion trends. What happened to wearing clothes because they felt comfortable, made you feel good or (and we're really going back to bare necessities here) because we don't live in a naturist World? I like clothes. They keep me warm. I definitely missed the memo of wearing something to please others. Regardless of what I should wear, what people tell me will suit me because I'm fat, I still wear what the hell I want to wear. And that includes stripes! 

Yesterday my lovely best friend Hayley who runs Wife Life xo came over and helped me (well, did all the hard work!) take some photos for a few different OOTD posts. I'm completely incapable of taking photos of me myself and I don't have any fancy set up in my house where I can take stunning outfit posts which will make you go 'ohhhh' and 'ahhhh'. All I have is me, a camera, a fab friend and a few mismatched outfit ideas. This is the first of a few OOTD posts you can expect over the coming months - because despite how awkward they make me feel, I do enjoy changing things up every now and then and sharing a cheeky outfit or two! I don't really have the whole 'posing' thing down to a T yet, I felt pretty silly. "Hayley, what should I do with my arms?", "Should I smile with teeth or smile normally?" "Hayley, I look like an idiot". 

It's typical of good old Great Britain that on the day I chose to share what is one of my more summery outfits, the sun has packed it's bags and gone on a six month vacation. Today is grey, dull and drab. It's raining and all I can think about is how happy I am that today I can whip my Winter coat out of my wardrobe to save me from the cold and rain later today when I pop into town. I'm already excited for the darker lipsticks, the warmer blushes and the more sultry eyes. I like summer, but Autumn excites me. Ask Hayley, yesterday I got far too excited about the fact there were leaves on the ground. Autumn is officially here and I'm welcoming it with open arms.... and a summery OOTD.

There's a few reasons I like this particular outfit. For starters, the fact that none of it matches. Stripes with funky colour splattered wedges? 'Fashion' shouldn't be about what other people say. Fashion should be about making you feel comfortable and content in your body and happy to face the day without a care in the World, so I'm pretty much always mismatching. I'm not one for expensive taste where clothes is concerned, either. In these particular photos I am sporting some fab black leggings from New Look; they actually really are fab, super thick, warm, cheap as chips but not so thin in material you can see every one of my tattoos (I'm looking at you, Primark leggings!) The dress is a firm favourite of mine. I always avoided stripes when I was younger because I could never remember which type of stripes us fatties were supposed to wear and which we were meant to avoid. But after finding this bargain buy in Primark for just £5 at the beginning of Summer, I fell in love with it for how humongous it makes my boobs look (That's OK to say in an OOTD, right?!) My wedges are just utterly perfect and even just looking at them brightens my day - although I'll tell you something for nothing, boy are they hard to walk in on uneven ground, I was wobbling everywhere in between these photos! Especially when a dog came to investigate what an earth we were doing - seriously, picture it! But back to the shoes, my gorgeous Babycham wedges are enough to brighten anyone's day! 

I think I've done enough awkward rambling and explaining away of my own ideas of fashion for now. But I hope you've enjoyed my ramble and awkward poses, and can imagine that dog coming up to me on wobbly ground making me wobble backwards and almost fall down.... 

P.s. It might not mean much to some, but these photos and the way this outfit now fits looser on me, makes me realise my hard work is paying off. I've lost a stone so far, can you imagine how tight this dress was before?! This makes me a happy Tealady.

Dress - Primark, £5 (no longer available)
Babycham Alana wedges - Usually £54.99, in the New Look sale for £27

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