Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser

13 Aug 2013

A picture of Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant

Give me a new makeup release, skincare product, exciting hair care or a limited edition collection, and I'm all over it. Body care? It has to sound really good to tempt me into buying it. I'll happily spend more money on makeup and skincare, even hair care, than I would body care and the majority of my body care products are from the high-street; easy to get hold of, whilst being purse-friendly. Body care for me is more necessity buys than excitement over a new launch. But the Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser ticked all the boxes for me and grabbed my attention from the get-go. As soon as I was next in Boots, I popped this straight in my basket. 

There are three varieties of Vaseline Spray & Go; Essential Moisture, Cocoa Radiant and Aloe Fresh. I opted for Cocoa Radiant because I am a sucker for a cocoa scented product. I was tempted to pick up the Aloe Fresh version, which would probably work well with tired, stressed, hot and achy skin, but I decided for my first time trying the new Spray & Go body moisturisers, one was enough. And boy am I glad I stuck to just the one!

I have seen some amazingly positive reviews of this range, particularly of the Cocoa Radiant version. But for me, I just don't get the quickly building hype. There's positives and negatives, but for me this falls into the gimmick pile of disappointing products. It smells lovely, like really lovely, and I love the way it sprays out evenly and it is consistent in formula no matter how long you spray it. I do really like the spray application for this product as sometimes, and I'm sure I'm not alone here, I can be trying to squirt body lotions out of squeezy tubes and before I know it, it's covered my entire floor coming out at full force! The idea, I like. The scent, I like. 

What fails this product for me is the moisturising aspect. For me this is not a moisturising product. When applied I feel as if my skin is left with a thin, almost plastic feeling film. It doesn't work to moisturise my skin, my skin isn't left soft or hydrated after use and knees and elbows? It doesn't stand a chance. I have used this twice a day since I added it to my Boots basket, and not once have I felt as if my skin has benefited from it. I suppose it'd be a handy product for on the go; if like me you suffer from dry legs, I always have a mini body moisturiser in my bag for emergencies. But even then, this isn't a small product, it comes in a hefty, sturdy and actually pretty weighty 190ml can. 

I was really excited to try Spray & Go, but I wish I had saved my pennies. I won't be repurchasing, nor trying the other varieties in the range. I'll just have to hope another brand comes out with a similar idea, but with a product that actually works.... (Available at Boots, £4.99)

A picture of Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant

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