Top 5 Body Products

16 Aug 2013

Top 5 Body Products

Shona and I have enjoyed doing our Top 5 collaboration posts so much, we have decided these will be a permanent addition to both of our blogs and once a month we will be doing a Top 5 collab together. So far we have covered Top 5 Hair Care Products for Happy, Healthy Hair, Top 5 Summer Scents and Top 5 Summer Polishes. Today we are talking about our Top 5 Body Products. I thought that picking five products I favour the most for this post, would be easy. It seems I have forgotten just how much body care I really own! Then I wasn't sure whether I should be adding favourites because they're amazing products, or because they really benefit my skin? In the end I decided to go with five products which are both favourites and essentials for me.  

1. Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel* - OK so you might wonder why I've picked a shower gel as a favourite product, but the beautiful scent of mint, lemon and orange essential oils which feature in the Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel is the perfect way to wake me up on a morning when all I want to do is stay in bed. It's refreshing, it wakes me up and leaves me feeling ready to face the day. I try and avoid sweet scented products in the morning, and instead opt for scents which will give me a bit of oomph for the day ahead! Formulated with a blend of purifying and stimulating organic essential oils, this shower gel is natural and organic with a 100% natural foaming action, cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, too! Enriched with organic peppermint, lemon and orange essential oils, as well as vitamin E, which together work to sooth, cleanse and purify the skin. (Available at Organic Surge*, 200ml, £4.07)

2. & Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Scrub - I recently mentioned this as part of my 'Seven Steps to Perfect Summer Legs' post and it's a body scrub which is super purse friendly, whilst also being absolutely amazing! The scent is so true to that of fresh figs and is a great scent dupe for the Diptyque Philosykos perfume. A very thick paste, this massages my skin to smooth perfection in no time. I also love the fact that the more you massage it into your skin, it starts to lather up. A little goes a very long way with this scrub, and I can't wait to try more & Other Stories scrubs - Moroccan Tea is next on my lust list! (Available & Other Stories in-store and online, 250ml, £7

Top 5 Body Products

3. The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub - I recently had to renew my The Body Shop Love Your Body Rewards Card, and this is the product which came free with my new card. At first I was a bit like reluctant to try it; on first glance this scrub is almost like jelly, I didn't think it would do much! But boy was I wrong. Made with intensely exfoliating volcanic rock granules, this could quite possibly be the best foot scrub I have ever come across. It works to buff away any unwanted dry, hardened skin, and leaves my feet feeling silky soft. I also love the peppermint in this scrub, which leaves my feet feeling invigorated and a little tingly, but in a good way. (Available at The Body Shop in-store and online, 100ml, £7)

4. Vichy 48Hr Soothing Anti-Perspirant for Sensitive or Depilated Skin - This is an essential everyday product for me, because it is one of the very few roll on deodorants I can use which doesn't flare up my skin. Flare up my underarms, you might wonder? Well yes. You see, I suffer from eczema in the most awkward of places, my underarms and eyelids being the most bizarre of places I suffer from it. Most body sprays or deodorants are an absolute no-no for me, as many have ingredients which aggravate my skin making my eczema flare up. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin, Vichy have used a 'break through' formula which keeps your skin dry and fresh. It works to offer protection to your underarms without blocking any pores or irritating the skin. I've found this to be very gentle on my skin, I've not once experienced any irritation with my eczema since using this and it has a very fresh, clean scent. This is one Vichy product I will definitely be keeping in my body care routine. (Available at Escentual, 50ml, £4.12)

5. Elemental Herbology Body Essentials Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser* - Woah, long name, right? This is a pretty recent addition to my body care stash but one I am besotted with entirely for the scent. It smells fresh and clean, like fresh, ripe cucumber and watermelon. The two scents work beautifully together, and if that isn't enough - it leaves my skin feeling lovely, too! It's the perfect 'refresh yourself' body lotion which makes me feel awakened and ready to face the day, perfect when teamed with the Organic Surge shower gel and smells good enough to eat! It's advertised as being great for extending your sunless tan, and is suitable for all skin types, although I've been using this regardless of whether I have self tanner on or not, and it is lovely. It contains 12 active ingredients including organic aloe vera, organic cucumber juice extract and kakadu plum extract, organic shea butter, mango butter and vitamin C, as well as 4 bio-oils; argan and macadamia oil, ubuntu mongongo and kalahari melon oils. It's a bit pricey for a body moisturiser, but the scent is so addictive, I think it might have to be one of those splurge repurchases. (Available at Naturisimo*, 240ml, £21

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What are your five favourite body products? Let me know! And be sure to check out Shona's Top 5 Body Products too!

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