The secret to a perfect night's sleep.

3 Aug 2013

I have always struggled to get a peaceful night's sleep. It can take me anywhere up to two hours to fall asleep once I get in bed, and that's without the distractions of my mobile or Kindle. I have just always found it very difficult to drift off to sleep and I am a pretty restless sleeper, too. I wake during the night, I toss and turn and I very often have nightmares, which as you can imagine then leaves me wide awake and unable to sleep again. So when I was introduced to the Sranrom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight range, it seemed like the answer to my sleepless nights. I have been trialing three products from the range; the Sleep Tight Room and Body Mist* (Sranrom*,100ml, £18) , Sleep Tight Shower Gel* (Sranrom*, 200ml, £12) and Sleep Tight Body Cream* (Sranrom*, 200g, £14). I can genuinely say these products have helped me sort out a proper sleep routine. Regardless of whether I shower in the morning, I will always have a shower at night too, just before bed. I just prefer being really clean before bed, with my products on to hydrate and moisturise my skin whilst I sleep. During my 'bed time' showers, I use this range of products and these products exclusively. The only thing I will ever add to the list is a body oil. 

The Sleep Tight range is a range of products which have a holistic approach with aromatherapy wonderfulness. With ingredients (and beautiful scents) of champaca and ylang ylang flowers, which work to soothe the body and mind, releasing tension and anxiety, which make me feel instantly more peaceful as soon as the scent hits me. There's essential oils from exotic thai flowers and overall the range smells incredibly beautiful, soothing and it definitely de-stresses me and prepares me for a peaceful night's sleep ahead. The Sranrom shower gels are wonderful because they smell amazing, they lather well and from the shower gel alone my skin is left clean, soft and the scent lingers. Layering up, after my shower I turn to the body cream. A luxuriously thick body cream, I love that this comes in a tube rather than a tub. As I massage it into my skin, it sinks in not overly quickly, but it does sink in. The scent is the same throughout the range and layering this above the shower gel leaves my skin feeling pretty amazing - if I do say so myself! This body cream is also wonderful for any dry areas, such as my knees and elbows, and I always wake up to soft skin after using it. The final product is a beautiful room and body mist. I personally chose to use this just for my room, and I spritz it a few times around my room before I get in to bed. It spritzes in a fine mist and the scent really does linger with the mist. So even though by morning I may not be able to notice the scent of the body cream, there's such a beautiful, sensuous and relaxing scent of champaca and ylang ylang. Lovely. I'm almost out of the shower gel and body cream and definitely plan to repurchase, but the room mist is still going strong. It has meant a tremendous amount to me to be able to sleep better at night; it makes me feel so demotivated and slow if I don't sleep well. Since using this range I sleep easier, as well as drifting off to sleep quicker, and I feel relaxed, energized and alert in the mornings. Besotted.

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*This post contains PR samples which were kindly sent for review. All views are 100% honest and my own.