Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Paints - Full range review!

26 Aug 2013

I love Rimmel, but what I love more is a new Rimmel release. As soon as I saw the new Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Paints, I knew I had to have them! The colours instantly caught my eye, as compared to the majority of beauty releases this year, this has been the first release with shades more autumn/winter appropriate. Considering summer is on it's way out and autumn is definitely around the corner, Rimmel have perfectly timed their release and the shades are going to be perfect for the colder months ahead.

Rimmel have released five shades which admittedly, might not be for everyone. But for someone like me who loves to experiment with colour, these are perfect! ScandalEyes Shadow Paints are cream shadows which all have a metallic finish, amazing pigmentation and lasting power that rivals any other cream shadows I have tried before. Pop on your lid, and a few seconds later you'll find them completely dry and settled, and they just don't budge! When I first swatched these on my hand in this Instagram picture, it took me a good three goes of washing my hands to get them off, and even then there were still traces of colour left behind. A good bi-phase eye makeup remover is definitely a must with these bad boys! The consistency is thick, but easy to blend and you can, as with most makeup, apply with a lighter hand for a more subtle look or a heavier hand for a more dramatic look. 

Slate Grey is a deep, sultry - yup you guessed it - slate grey. This is amazing for those who love a smokey eye and I find if you work quick when you're blending brush, it's fantastic for the crease of your eye. Golden Bronze is a true, golden bronze shade (you'll notice a trend with the shade names, they match the shades perfectly!) which makes me think of extravagant Greek Gods. Right up my street! Rich Russet is the shade I think most others will opt for; a gorgeous warm taupe shade that is super flattering. Mercury Silver is a perfect silver, bright, yet sparkling with beauty. The final shade in the range is Manganese Purple, which is a very deep, violet purple. For me, all of the shades are fantastic. Of course a variety of lighter, brighter and bolder shades would also be welcomed, but for a starting range, I'm impressed.

If you hadn't guessed - I like these. I think they are a great alternative to powder shadows which I usually opt for, and although thick in consistency, they blend so easily that you can apply a tiny amount of product and it'll easily cover your entire lid. They do dry very quickly, and once dry they don't budge, so until you're confident with the formula; less is more. Do I think they're worth checking out? Definitely! I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the colour payoff and longevity of these products. Another Rimmel product for me to obsess over. (Boots, £4.49)

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