OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tars & Creme Color Concentrate

21 Aug 2013

A picture of OCC Creme Color Concentrate

I am already a big fan of OCC, formerally known as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I have a few of the OCC original formula Lip Tars, which I think are some of the best lip products available from both high-street and high-end brands. They are packed full of unbelievable pigmentation with amazing colour pay off, they are easy to apply and last absolutely ages; you only need a couple of drops of product at most for both lips, and you hardly ever need to touch up throughout the day. The OCC original formula Lip Tars are amazing and notorious for their colour range and the ability to mix any shade of Lip Tar with another, to create your own personal shades. 

The new OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss* formula, which is a glossy Lip Tar, took me a while to get used to. I was very kindly sent three shades to experiment with and try out for myself; Meta*, New Wave* and Rhythm Box*, and I am besotted with the shades. Where they differ from the original Lip Tar formula and packaging however, is that the original formula shows a very close true colour in the tube, as to how the Lip Tar will look on your lips. The Stained Gloss tars are a little different, with the intensity of the shades being far less obvious on the lips and each shade a touch lighter, and brighter, than it appears in the tube. I've found the Stained Gloss tars to be very different in application, longevity and overall colour pay off, too. Whereas the original formula tars are very much in your face and wild, the Stained Gloss variety is more sheer, slightly thicker in consistency and also, not as quick drying as the original formula; which quickly dries to a matte finish. The Stained Gloss tars, I have found, are a bit difficult to use all over or in large amounts, so instead I opt for using these as a finishing touch. I wait until my lip colour of choice has settled and is almost dry, then pop a Stained Gloss in the center of my lips and very, very lightly over the rest of my lips. The effect is one which makes my lips look plumper and more youthful, polished and they give my matte shades that something-something else which matte shades can often lack. I think these are far better for anyone whose a bit put off by the vibrancy of the original formula. (Available at Cocktail Cosmetics*, £11.95)  

A picture of OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar

The OCC Creme Color Concentrate* pots took me a bit of working out, and in the end I had to do some blogger review searches and YouTube reviews, to work out how exactly to use these multi-purpose little pots! I was kindly sent three Creme Color Concentrate pots to try out, in the shades John Doe*, Pleasure Model* and Newt*. Referred to by OCC as a new vegan innovation, these little colour pots are multi-purpose, with a smooth, blend-able and build-able creme coverage, that can be used pretty much anywhere on your face! Once I got to grips with how to use these, I've actually had a lot of fun experimenting with them. John Doe is a very ashy taupe shade, which is true to colour when in the pot and swatched, but it has a lovely warmth to it that I've found wonderful for lighter contouring on my face, as well as adding definition and a little contour to the crease of my lid. My favourite of the three shade wise is probably Pleasure Model, which is a pearlescent pink that works so, so well as a highlight, almost like a cream formula of MAC's Lust MSF. I also love this in the inner corner of my eye as an alternative to the usual golden and yellow highlights. Last but not least, Newt, and the shade which utterly wowed me when I first swatched it. A pretty serene peach in the pot, on swatch it turns into a vibrant, pinky peach which works so well as a blush and a lip colour. The OCC Creme Color Concentrate pots are one of those products I could happily experiment with and swatch for hours, and shades I equally enjoy using and creating looks with, and I definitely have my eye on some darker shades for the colder months ahead, particularly Beholder and Dark Matter. (Available at Cocktail Cosmetics*, £14.95)

A picture of OCC Creme Color Concentrate

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