#MyLittleSkincareProject - An introduction.

4 Aug 2013

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know that I am a big, big skincare fan. To me, skincare is a necessity as much as personal hygiene is. For me, the two go hand in hand. It's not something I do morning and night out of choice anymore, it's pure habit. I actually really enjoy my skincare routine. It wakes me up and refreshes me each morning, leaving my skin prepped and ready whether I fancy a makeup free day or whether I want to wear makeup. Our faces sweat during the night, not forgetting anything which might be lurking in our bedding getting to it (it's important to wash your bedding as regularly as possible, pillows even more so, as bacteria and germs can harbour in our pillows which often leads to congested, spotty skin!), so it is extra important to cleanse your face in the morning, even if you did it before bed. At night my skincare routine is even more important. Our skin work's doubly hard at night than it does during the day and so I have a whole host of products specifically designed to work with your skin better at night. Neither my morning or night time skincare routines take long, just a few minutes in fact. And it's a few minutes I'd rather spare now, than regret years down the line when my skin is looking a little bit worse for wear.

When I write about skincare products on my blog, I can only discuss the products in relation to my own skin type and how they benefit, or sometimes not, my own personal skin. I have oily combination skin where my biggest worries are oiliness, dark circles, red cheeks and hyper-pigmentation  I use products which are aimed towards battling these woes, whilst also keeping all of my skin in check. Skincare is a very personal thing, even dozens of people with the same skin type will find their skin reacts completely differently to the next person and a product which works amazingly well on one person's skin, could be a complete disaster for someone else, even if they had the same skin type. I love sharing my skincare ramblings here on the blog and skincare reviews are some of my absolute favourite to read. And so I had a little idea...

It's fine for those of you with oily skin who read my skincare reviews, but how are reviews of products aimed towards oily skin going to help someone with dry, sensitive, combination or normal skin? Or even all the other variations of skin type in-between? Well of course, it wouldn't! And so the idea of #MyLittleSkincareProject came about. I have put together a team of absolutely wonderful bloggers who enjoy skincare as much as I do, who are as passionate about skincare as I am and who have some really interesting skincare stories and fabulous products which they have found work well with their skin. There are 15 bloggers in total (myself included) working on this project. Three bloggers with oily skin, three with combination, three with sensitive, three with normal and three with dry. From now on, all Sunday posts here on Tattooed Tealady will be #MyLittleSkincareProject posts. Each week we will be discussing a different, specific skin type. I will explain each different skin type to you, what to expect, what to look out for, which products to avoid and which your skin will love you for, ingredients to miss and ingredients your skin needs, foods which can be beneficial for your skin type. The three bloggers who have that specific skin type each Sunday, will then talk you through their skin, their experiences, recommend products which have helped control their skin, and which products to avoid. The whole point of #MyLittleSkincareProject is to work with a group of fantastic bloggers who can help me go more in-depth here on Tattooed Tealady, on an area of beauty I am most passionate about. 

#MyLittleSkincareProject isn't about experts or scientifically proven data. It's about real people, with real skin, who have real problems and personal experience in controlling their skin. It's a way to reach a large group of skin types, so that if you read my blog you aren't just stuck with oily and combination skincare reviews. Today officially marks the start of the project, and if you want to find out more about the bloggers who will be joining me on this exciting journey then you can find an introduction to each individual blogger as well as their skin type on my new page, #MyLittleSkincareProject. You can also keep up with the project with the hashtag #MyLittleSkincareProject over on Twitter. I hope you'll enjoy reading, and I'd love for you to share your skincare stories with us too. 

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