#MyLittleSkincareProject - Dry Skin # 1

11 Aug 2013

What do you think of when you think of dry skin? Dry skin makes me think of dry, flaky skin, dehydrated skin, rough to the touch, in need of a hydration boost. There are many different aspects we would associate with dry skin, some people with dry skin will be affected more than others and some people will have more severe symptoms of dry skin than others. Skin is complicated, and that's why I am hoping that #MyLittleSkincareProject will be beneficial to people with a variety of skin types. As you might have guessed, today we are focusing on dry skin. 

Dry skin can be due to your actual skin type being dry, or for some people it can be the result of illness, medication, or an aspect of other skin types. Some people believe their skin is dry, when in fact it is dehydrated, or both dry and dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is not specifically a skin type, but a condition of the skin which can be temporary and/or permanent. So how do you identify whether you are a sufferer of dry skin? First and foremost, the best starting point is to go for a skin consultation. You will find most reputable skincare brands will have someone on hand for a complimentary skincare consultation - these can be really beneficial whether you are just starting out in looking after your skin, to those who thought they had their skin type figured out but need a helping hand identifying some changes or merely to anyone who wants to know a little bit more about how our skin works. Quick, easy and more often than not with great advice and a few samples to take away and try, skincare consultations are beneficial for any skin type, any age and any gender. A good look at your skin in a very good mirror can also be a great way of identifying your skin type. You know those mirrors we all dread, zoomed in so much we can see every last imperfection on our skin? Well if you're wanting to 'self diagnose' your skin type at home, grab one of those mirrors and get ready. This is what you can expect to find (both individual aspects and a combination of) if you have dry skin. 
  • Your skin may look or feel tight and uncomfortable
  • You may experience areas of flaky skin
  • Your skin may lack vibrancy, looking dull and lifeless
  • Your pores can often be smaller than other skin types
  • Your skin may look or feel uneven/rough in texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles can appear earlier on dry skin
  • Your skin may be sensitive, to the touch and to specific ingredients
  • You may experience areas where your complexion is more red

If you have a combination or all of these symptoms, you may have dry skin! If you think your skin is more severe than some of the symptoms listed above, it would be recommended to visit your GP who can point you in the right direction and provide specific medications. 

So I've given you a quick run down of dry skin, but what do my dry skin bloggers have to say?


"So my skin type is dry and dehydrated. Dry in the winter where my skin flakes so much my make up comes off, dehydrated in the summer where fine lines appear which is something I don't want when I'm not even 20 yet! As mentioned in my introduction, I'm very specific about what I put onto my skin. For my morning routine I try to keep it quite light and simple, mostly because I'm always in a rush. It'll start off with a milk cleanser, removing it with a muslin cloth, following with eye cream, illuminating serum and a moisturiser. I use a muslin cloth in the morning as I find it's a little more exfoliating and as I don't exfoliate in the morning, it's good to get any dead skin off with that. It's in the evening when I really get down to business. I'll remove my eye make up with a micellar water before double cleansing. I'll pre-cleanse with an oil, massaging that onto my face so that it breaks down my foundation. I'll splash my face with cold water before using a balm cleanser, taking my time to massage that in before using a flannel to remove it. Next up is when I choose to use masks, using a clay mask first to draw out any impurities and then a hydrating mask. I tend not to use an abrasive exfoliate anymore as I stick to an exfoliating toner which I use after cleansing. My choice of serum for an evening is something, which packed with hyaluronic acid, will penetrate deeply into my skin. I also use quite a rich eye cream as my eyes can become quite flaky in the colder months so I try to avoid it all year round. If I'm going to use an overnight mask, I will apply a thin layer of a rejuvenating gel cream before applying a thick layer of an overnight moisture mask. Skincare is something which is very important to me. Some high street products are good but it's best to invest in your skincare and buy high street make up. I find it best to treat my skin as simple as possible, if not it will decide to change. I've always looked after my skin since I was young, I've been taught to moisturise since as long as I can remember."


"I was always quite lucky as a teenager; no spots, baby soft skin, all without due care and attention by way of moisturiser or even taking makeup off at night. Worryingly, my idea of a cleanse was to rub water in my face and harshly clean it off with a towel. I put this down to my 'tomboy' days, playing football, running through muddy fields and only ever wearing a little mascara to make my eyes seem brighter. Fast forward a few years and my skin has changed. Hormones from various contraceptive treatments has left it slightly puzzled and decidedly dry. Particularly the past two or three years I've taken note of my deprived skin and answered with a solid routine that gets changed up dependent on my skin troubles for that day. My main cause for concern is the slightly flaky skin that plagues my chin, my forehead, around my nose and recently, my top lip. This past year I've learnt that these particular areas are not only dry but severely dehydrated and I've trialed plenty of products to combat the tough times. It's not all doom and gloom though! As previously mentioned, I rarely suffer from spots and have been told my skin is in great shape for my age, something any girl would be happy to hear. My typical skincare routine consists of a good cleanser to start like Origins Zero Oil, concentrating on less problematic areas. If I feel my skin has had a particularly rough time of it, I'll follow this up with a gentle exfoliating scrub to buff away any unwanted skin cells, leaving my face smooth to the touch. After a gentle pat down I'll reach for my new favourite toner, Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner. Typically for oily skin, a few sprays of this on a cotton pad and lightly brushed all over helps with my t-zone but also the slight redness to my cheeks. It smells heavenly and leads on to my day or night cream. Currently my day cream of choice is Avene Rich Compensating Cream paired with Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose. This pair are a duo made in heaven as they repair the skin barrier and have an anti-free radical effect with vitamin E. Dermalex contains a green pigment which counteracts with the redness of my cheeks and diminishes the tiny cluster of spider veins I have on my right cheek. Most people don't notice, but I use this to ensure that will always be the case. For night, I opt for Origins Make A Difference Night gel-cream as the hydrating qualities are evident only a few seconds into applying. The smallest amount goes a long way and the scent is quite citrus and fresh. When it comes to products that work, I'm willing to pay any price to achieve the results I'm after. Also, don't be afraid to try products outside of your skin category, it's where I've found some of the things that work best for me."


"Hi again everyone! As you’ll know from my introduction on the #MyLittleSkincareProject page, I have dry, sensitive skin. After seeing a dermatologist, she told me that I also have enlarged pores which is how my skin loses moisture and oils. There is no one specific cause, it’s a combination of genes, diet and environment. When I came to the age of wearing makeup, it was a nightmare! No one taught me how to take care of my skin, my mum was avid that I shouldn't apply too many products (makeup and skincare) because that would clog my skin up and I’d be worse off for it! My turning point was about 6 months ago: I’d always used makeup wipes as my only form of cleansing, and then one day it clicked that my skin was sore afterwards and really red. I know it sounds silly that I didn't notice the irritation before, but I thought that was just part and parcel of removing your makeup at the end of the day! Fast forward to the present day, and I have realised the importance of looking after your skin. If I moisturise well and with products that don’t irritate my skin, then my skin is a lot happier, which makes me feel better. My main problem is that I need to wear fuller coverage bases to mask my rosacea, but because I have enlarged pores my makeup slides and flakes off easily leaving me looking very patchy. I don’t have all the answers yet, however there are a few products and tips I can share with you. I've been using Kiehl's Miracle Midnight Concentrate for a few weeks now, and the change was immediate. Not only does it sooth when I apply it, but I wake up with lovely nourished skin every morning. This has become an essential part of my routine that I would be at a loss without. I sometimes use it underneath another moisturiser if my skin is particularly bad, but most evenings I feel like this is enough. I also had a rough start to the world of cleansers. My first ‘proper’ cleanser was a Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Cream Wash, aimed at dry skin. I didn't understand a lot about ingredients then (being 13/14) but it contains the same ingredient used to make shampoos foam and strip oil from your scalp. And I wondered why my dry skin was getting worse! I've also had a few other run ins with products, basically anything that contains strong fragrance, alcohols in high quantities and are on the cheaper end of the scale dry my skin out and cause awful irritations. If you also have dry skin then I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep hydrated and read ingredient lists! It’s annoying seeing a high street moisturiser work for someone else and me having to fork out for a high end equivalent, but I think it’s worth it to have happy skin!"

Thank you Luce, Adrienne and Saffron for sharing your dry skin with us! I also asked on Twitter for people with dry skin to share their top tips with me for dealing with dry skin. Here are some of the tweets I got!

@EmilysBlog said... Simple Derma cream, it's really good for clearing up any dry patches!
@DudeWhereMyBaby said... Coconut oil!
@MariMaskScara said... Exfoliating!
@HannahLouisa_ said... Don't over exfoliate and avoid having the shower on too hot. And of course, moisturise tonnes!
@BamblingsofNafy said... Exfoliate at least once a week, and moisturise!
@Schopenhauer said... Facial oil has helped me a lot, preferably with Frankincense.
@EmmiegeeBlog said... Go to bed looking greasy with moisturiser and oils, it will have sunk in by morning and the dryness is gone!
@SmockToFrock said... Oil. It locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated for longer.
@ElenyaBlogs said... I'm finding olive oil to be surprisingly effective!
@Jodie_T182 said... An obvious one but important - Make sure you remove your makeup every night.
@MyOrganicHunter said... Organic coconut oil, just from a health store! I swear by it for dry skin, also dry hair! 
@ImpracticalArch said... Slather on the moisturiser if you have a cold. Colds/flus play havoc with my dry skin if I'm too ill to moisturise properly.
@LilBlogofBeauty said... Use a moisture mask before bed and leave it on all night instead of removing the excess. 
@LizaPrideaux said... Olive oil!
@MammafulZo said... Don't use an exfoliant with beads in, it makes it worse. Use a liquid exfoliant, it's much better! 
@WhatILoveTodayx said... Kiehl's lip balm # 1 is my all time favourite moisturiser for dry lips!

Phew, that was a long post, right? But I hope it has helped anyone who might have dry skin or suspects their skin type might be dry. Keep an eye out as we have another two posts in the pipe line for my fab dry skin bloggers. Each of my dry skin bloggers will be recommending their favourite products for their dry skin as well as some reviews of products specifically aimed at dry skin. If you have dry skin, please feel free to use the comment section below to share your personal experiences, top tips and favourite products. You might end up helping someone with dry skin who needs a bit of TLC! Don't forget you can check out each of the 15 bloggers in total who are a part of this project on my new page #MyLittleSkincareProject as well as checking out the #MyLittleSkincareProject introduction post and the #MyLittleSkincareProject hashtag over on Twitter!

Next week we will be talking sensitive skin!

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