A bit of Bumble and Bumble experimentation

23 Aug 2013

A picture of Bumble and Bumble Travel Sizes

A hair care brand who has been pretty high up on my 'perfect products' list for a good year or so now, is Bumble and Bumble. Oh yes, I can hear some of you grumbling - Yes. Bumble and Bumble is a high-end hair care brand with a high-end price tag to match. But, their products genuinely are worth the splurge and they last months and months. When you think about how much you spend on makeup, skincare, body care, why not spend the same amount of time, care, and pennies, on looking after your hair, too? And yes - That does include regular cuts at the salon, girls. 

I recently decided to dabble in a few more Bumble and Bumble products and picked up a few travel sizes to try. Travel sizes, whether for hair care, skincare, body care or even makeup, or a great way to try products before committing to the full size. Especially if the full size is pretty pricey! I decided to try Surf Spray, BB Prep and BB Styling Lotion. I also jumped at the chance to get a travel size of a favourite Bumble and Bumble product, the Thickening Hairspray, which is free with this month's Elle magazine.

Let's start with my favourite Bumble and Bumble product, the Thickening Hairspray. I've seen this get rave reviews, and really negative reviews too. For me, this is a holy grail hair care product that I genuinely couldn't live without. Working to give your hair that volume and oomph we all dream off, it's suitable for thick hair, thin hair, and everything in between! I use this in two ways. I spritz it at the root of my hair when my hair is damp, before blow drying, which gives me root lift and volume. I also use this when my hair is dry to add texture and volume throughout. Just make sure you don't over-do it, as with any styling product, and section your hair as you go, again, as with any styling product. (Boots, 50ml, £7.50)

A picture of Bumble and Bumble Travel Sizes

Next up, BB Prep. A nutrient rich detangling spray, BB Prep works to give your hair texture, whilst making any other styling products and tools you use, work to their best ability. It can also be used on dry hair, to give your hair a new lease of life. It's suitable for any hair type, although not recommended for colour treated hair, as it could affect the colour. I spritz this through my hair when my hair is damp, before blow drying, and it definitely makes my tangles disappear, especially when teamed with my Michel Mercier Detangling Brush. (Boots, 50ml, £6)

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is a pretty coveted product in the beauty World and it's a product I've been dying to try for well over a year now. Bumble and Bumble describe their Surf spray as the perfect way to get sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept hair. Working better with hair which already has a natural wave or curl, Surf Spray works to give your hair body and that 'just stepped off of the beach' look. It took me a while to get to grips with this product, and I find less is more with this one. Again, spritzed through my hair when my hair is damp, it's perfect for those days when I don't want to use styling tools and want a little helping hand in giving my hair that something-something it lacks naturally. (Boots, 50ml, £9.50)

Finally, the Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion. This was more of a 'I've got a few, may as well add another to the basket!' product choice. But it's one I have really grown to like. The Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion can be used for a multiple of styles, from giving your hair a bit of oomph and volume, to helping create a sleek and smooth look. It also works as a nourishing moisturiser, leaving your hair feeling soft, healthy and with a natural shine. It's suitable for any hair type and as with all the other Bumble and Bumble products mentioned, I spritz through my hair in sections when my hair is damp. (Boots, 50ml, £7)

Will you be trying out any Bumble and Bumble travel sizes? Be sure to tell me what your favourite Bumble and Bumble products are!

A picture of Bumble and Bumble Travel Sizes

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