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21 Jul 2013

A picture of the Macadamia Luxe Travel Bag

Looking after my hair is just as important to me as looking after my skin. I really do believe that the condition and look of your hair can either make or break a look and there's been more than enough times when despite how happy I've been with my makeup, if my hair hasn't been right I just feel like it brings my whole look down. Thankfully my hair is in pretty good condition. As a hair stylist by trade I know how best to look after my hair and there's a few specific products and some particular brands which play a massive part in me looking after my hair and getting it the way I'd like. Macadamia is one of those brands which is highly praised in the beauty world and their products always receive rave reviews. Personally, Macadamia is a brand which I have found keeps my hair amazingly healthy, but whose products I don't have to use everyday. I have very fine hair which is naturally oily, and as Macadamia products are tailored towards making your hair softer, healthier, restoring healthy and natural shine to your way and particularly good for damaged hair, I just find I don't need to use all Macadamia products, all of the time. There are a few I reach for more than others; some I use once a week and others every other day. Macadamia is a high-end hair brand, although I think it's fair to say their products are not as high-end as some hair care can get and if you think about how long it takes you to use up a hair care product, I think Macadamia fit into that affordable bracket for most. Today I am going to give you the run down on all the products which feature in the Macadamia Luxe Travel Bag* (Fabriah*, £39.95) Such a fantastic little kit, I think this is a fab way to try Macadamia, see which products you like the most and which you might want to invest in. If you're anything like me, you'll fall in love with each and every product! This is also the perfect sized set for those of you who are always on the go, travelling, weekends away; all the products are the perfect travel friendly sizes. If you've been wanting to try Macadamia but weren't sure whether they were worth the splurge, a kit like this is the perfect way to try a few products before committing to a full size. 

The Luxe Travel Bag contains six products in total. Five actual Macadamia hair care products and a Macadamia 'Oil Infused' Comb. The comb, which is perfect for detangling and especially for more curly hair, uses a specially formulated resin which is meant to infuse the comb with the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, evenly distributing Macadamia and Argan oil as you comb through your hair. Now, personally, to me this is just a comb. I'm not sure I buy into the special resin... but it definitely works great as a detangling comb and is handy for popping in your bag. The good thing about having this in the set is that it is more of a permanent product; it's not a hair care product which is going to run out, and let's face it, who doesn't find having spare combs around handy?! The other products within the set are the infamous Healing Oil Treatment (30ml) and Deep Repair Masque (100ml), as well as the Rejuvenating Shampoo (60ml), Moisturising Rinse (60ml) and the Nourishing Leave-In Cream (60ml) 

A picture of the Macadamia Luxe Travel Bag

Let's start with products used when washing our hair, shall we? The Rejuvenating Shampoo is sulfate and paraben free and is suitable for even the most chemically damaged hair. It works to gently cleanse your hair, replenishing dry and damaged hair and helping to build your hairs natural protection against harmful environmental elements and pollutants. Everything clings to our hair, so a shampoo which works to cleanse my hair as well as restoring and protecting my hair is important to me. This shampoo isn't too thick in consistency, which I am sure any fine-haired boys and girls out there will agree with me that thick shampoos do nothing for fine hair! It doesn't feel heavy on my hair as I use it and it lathers well, although not as much as my more high-street products (It's worth noting, lather isn't a positive sign in a product and sometimes, depending on ingredients, it's just like foamy skincare products - they can be damaging to your hair!) Just from using the shampoo my hair is left feeling so, so soft and smooth and just utterly revived. Following up with the Moisturising Rinse, I use this as I do all of my conditioners. I evenly distribute it through my mid-lengths to ends avoiding my roots; this helps keep my hairs natural oil at bay a little bit longer than if I applied the product to my root area. Once on, I will leave for 5-10 minutes to get to work whilst I do all the other things you do in the shower. Paraben and SLS free, it's infused with the instantly recognisable Macadamia signature 'fragrance' and can be used daily, or every few days as I opt for, to leave your hair soft, silky, easier to manage and easier to style and maintain. This for me works much like the Deep Repair Masque. It leaves my hair feeling exceptionally soft, healthy and leaves a really lovely, healthy looking shine. The way in which the Deep Repair Masque differs is that it is a far more penetrating, intense conditioning treatment than the more everyday use conditioner, Moisturising Rinse. Moisturising Rinse is a quick fix on a day to day basis whereas the Deep Repair Masque, particularly if you have heat damaged or colour damaged hair, works more on a long term basis to really restore your hair back to health. I've reviewed this in full before and I really do love this hair masque, but it is worth noting I don't think it would do much if your hair is not damaged - it is a repairing masque, if you don't have anything to repair, you won't see many benefits from using it. But that said, the scent alone is a good enough reason for me to pop this on every Sunday when I am having a pamper! With a paraben free formula and ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil chamomile oil, aloe and algae extract which all work together to create a truly deeply penetrating, long-lasting treatment which nourishes, conditions, reconstructs damaged hair and improves elasticity and shine.

Macadamia's star products for me are the ever raved about Treatment Oil and one which is new to me from this kit, but which I have become absolutely besotted with; the Nourishing Leave-In Cream. The Nourishing Leave-In Cream is a 'texturising conditioner' that works to tame even the most damaged and difficult to manage hair. I use this as I would any leave in product; I apply a 20p sized amount evenly throughout my hair and either leave to dry naturally or blow dry on a low heat. I find when I do opt to blow dry, this products does make a noticeable difference to how my hair feels after blowing, in a really positive way. It is so easy to cause heat damage to your hair, and for someone who regularly blow dries and straightens, as well as often curling my hair, a product which prevents that damage is a massive plus for me. A benefit of this product is the fact that it also has built in UV protection, which has been said to extend the life of colour treated hair. The Healing Oil Treatment is such a popular Macadamia product, it was the first Macadamia product I was ever made aware of due to the never-ending positive reviews and it is also one of my favourite hair oils. Containing a therapeutic blend of oils, it's suitable for all hair types although most beneficial for damaged hair. It is an intense oil treatment which works to tame hair and tackle frizz, leaving hair smooth, sleek and easier to manage, with a healthy shine. Like the leave-in cream it contains natural UV protection which is great for colour treated hair, and Macadamia also advertise this hair oil as being able to reduce the time of blow drying by 40-50%. I apply a teeny, tiny amount (like with facial oils - hair oils go a long, long way; less is more!) throughout my hair and either leave to dry naturally, in which case it helps bring my natural curls to life, or blow dry. If using on dry hair I will just apply a tiny amount to my ends, which really works to smooth my ends and make them look and feel as if they have been freshly cut! Again, like with the Moisturising Rinse and also the Deep Repair Masque and Nourishing Leave-In Cream, I apply this only to my mid-lengths to ends avoiding the root area. It is undeniable that my hair has benefited from using Macadamia products and they are a brand I would happily recommend. My favourite products from this particular set are the Healing Oil Treatment and Nourishing Leave-In Cream.

A picture of the Macadamia Luxe Travel Bag

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*This post contains some PR samples which were kindly sent to me for review. All opinions are completely my own and 100% honest!