The Evolution of Festivals

20 Jul 2013

Skunk Anansie live at Download festival, 2012, main stage.
[Edited by me]

I am not usually the one to pay attention to infographics when they land in my email inbox, but one which was recently sent over caught my eye. If you've followed my blog for a while you will know I am a regular festival goer. I have been going to Download festival for quite a few years now and I was also a regular at Sonisphere festival, which unfortunately had to cease in the UK (although still a hugely popular European festival!) And hey if you really want to go back in time, me and my brothers and dad used to go to The Americana  a Country, Western, Rock & Roll and Jive festival over in Newark when I was little. I loved the Americana because it tied in some of my favourite eras and there are 1950's car shows and Harley Davidson bike shows, it's pretty darn fun. Anyway, I'm rambling! 

New Look have put together a really fantastic infographic which is all about the history of music and fashion at festivals. Of course, festivals are just the same as anything else in regards to music and fashion - it's biggest selling point changes year in and year out. Music is very much like fashion, it's ever changing, always someone new to listen out for and someone else you want to catch live, just the same as the trends change each season, we want to get out hands on the latest fashion trends every season to make sure we're still on trend. The infographic itself is a little bit too big for my little old blog, but if you fancy taking a peek at the infographic yourself, you can do so here. I found it really interesting, to see the different genres of music which were most popular at different times for festivals and how that reflected in the fashion trends. 

If you think fashion and music has changed over the time you've been going to festivals, I'd love to hear how and why you think it's changed or what your favourite trend has been at a festival so far. Because I predominately go to metal festivals, the last thing you see is anyone worried about fashion trends but more so who can wear the most impressive band t-shirt! What's it like at other festivals? Which festivals have you been to? Let me know!  

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*I never usually post or link to infographics, but as a regular festival goer this one just really caught my eye and I wanted to share it! The infographic was created by the New Look team and is available for anyone to view on their website.