Sophia by Jessica

12 Jul 2013

It's not frequent that I share nail polishes here on my blog, but I just had to share this polish I picked up yesterday, with a little bit of a funny story behind it. Or I think it's funny, anyway. Yesterday I popped to my hairdressers which is nice and close in my village. I was booked in to get my hair cut on Tuesday, the day before my 25th birthday on Wednesday. Realising I had over-spent a little bit on beauty bits and bobs, I decided to pop in and change my appointment for later in the month. And then the Jessica stand caught my eye...

I've never tried a Jessica polish before, neither have I ever seen a polish with my name. Just imagine it; there I am at reception, changing my appointment because I am short on pennies and boom! I'm £9 down because I am a sucker for a novelty and this beautiful True Blue polish is named Sophia. The girl who can't find a coke bottle with her name on it (they all say Sophie!), so instead I opt for a pretty pricey nail polish! Where the logic is in that I don't know... but it's such a pretty shade. I actually popped this on my nails this morning with a couple of the new Essie polishes, Naughty Nautical and Sunday Funday, for a multi-coloured bright nail look. I really like the way it applies and two coats give you a beautiful opaque colour. This is my very first Jessica polish, but I have a feeling it won't be the last... You can find Jessica polishes on Amazon where they average at £8.53 per polish.

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