Smooch Eyeshadow Duos and Blush

25 Jul 2013

I've shared my thoughts on Smooch quite a few times here on the blog and it was the Smooch Gold Rush eyeshadow duo which made me tone down my makeup a little bit this Summer, opting for more natural, golden and subtle looks. The packaging of Smooch products is often compared to NARS and some of their eyeshadows are pretty close dupes for the duos available from NARS. I wouldn't go so far as to say the quality was as good quality wise as NARS, but for a high-street (mainly available online) brand, their products are definitely worth looking into and giving a go. I've been trying out two of their eyeshadow duos and a blusher over the past couple of months (I know, this review is well overdue!) and let's just say, I'm still a big fan of Smooch and their affordable, very wearable and easy to use products.

There are 18 eyeshadow duos available from Smooch, all with some super pretty shade combinations. I have been trying out Posh Tottie* and Needed*. Posh Tottie has two beautiful girly and playful shades; a shimmery baby pink and a subtle lavender shade. I will admit that the quality of these two shades doesn't seem up to scratch of those in Needed or Gold Rush; I've found they don't last as long throughout the day and they are prone to creasing as well as needed a bit of effort to apply as the colour pay off seems to be missing. But if you aren't out all day and want a pretty look for say a lunch out with friends or an evening out, then they work wonderfully. Just remember to use a good primer! The two shades go so well together and this is something I find runs throughout the Smooch range; shades aren't just put together for the sake of making a duo, the shades compliment each other and work well together. Needed is far more like the quality I am used to with Smooch eyeshadows. The pigmentation for Needed is far better, with a beautiful almost silver, shimmery pale shade and a shade so close to true denim, that works fantastically in the crease. I find these super easy to blend, too, making well put-together eye looks easy as pie! (Smooch*, £9.50 per duo)

A product I think Smooch is really fantastic for, is their blushes. They don't have the biggest range, with just five blushes currently available, but the shades in the range are very versatile. One thing that makes up for lack of shades is the formula and shades of their blushes. Glamour Puss* is a perfect dolly pink that has that touch of warmth to it which I usually find lacking in other brands. It has a super soft, creamy almost buttery soft formula and I don't experience any fall out when using this blush. I love this particular shade because not only is it great for finishing off a look now, in the wonderfully hot summer we are getting, but I think it's a shade which will be just as wearable in the colder months, because of that warmth and depth to it. A little goes a long way with Smooch blushes - they are super pigmented and you need to blend, but with a good blusher brush that are super easy to blend. If you are looking for any blush brushes, check out my recent post on my Favourite Cheek Brushes, as there's a couple of beauties in there which I love using with this blush! The Smooch blushes are, I feel, more wearable by a wider variety of people. There's a shade to compliment any skin tone and you can easily apply a little heavier for more impact if you are a darker beauty, or even if you just like that wow factor with your blush! (Smooch*, £8.50) If you fancy trying any of these out, or any other products from Smooch, then it's worth noting their website currently has a fab offer. When you spend £10 or more, you will receive a free mascara! If you've tried Smooch before I'd love to hear your thoughts, what is your favourite product from them, is there anything you want to try? Let me know!

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