Products not worth the hype # 2

28 Jul 2013

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Last month I did a 'Products I Regret Buying' post. I decided to do another one as the feedback was so great and it was actually fun writing about all the products I wish I hadn't spent my money on! But I've decided to change the title of these posts to 'Products not worth the hype', as I just think it sounds a bit better. But this is definitely a post of products I regret trying out for size. First up, MAC Fix+. This was a product I had been on and off with wanting to buy for around two years. I wanted to try it because of everyone else saying it was amazing, but the scent of it whenever I tried it in store, wasn't to my taste. Eventually after deciding I'd been curious about this product long enough, I decided to buy it. I wish I had listened to my gut instinct, this is a product I massively regret buying. It wasn't really over priced, I think the amount of product for the price is great and I like the packaging and design of the bottle and spritzer. But I can't abide the smell! It's like a musty cucumber scent. Then there's the fact that it doesn't feel nice like my water sprays do, it feels sticky and heavy and pretty uncomfortable on my skin.  It's meant to work as a makeup refresher spray as well as a makeup setting spray, and for me I'm afraid it does neither. I keep trying it, trying to persuade myself into liking it, but it's just not happening! (MAC, £14.50) Next up is another MAC product (let's get them both out of the way now, shall we!) and one which was my first dabble into this specific product type from MAC. Let's Skate Paint Pot from MAC is a gorgeous pale sheer baby pink with opalescent shimmer and fine glitter running throughout. It has flecks of rose, pink and yellow golden shades and it is absolutely beautiful. But I can't for the life of me get it to work for me! It just creases really easily and it doesn't apply well either. (MAC, £15)

Next up a product I've had hanging around for a year now, and I finally decided to try it after hearing from others that it's one of the best skincare products you could ever use. That's more than enough reason to get me interested in a product, so I started trying it every night. BioEffect EGF Serum, which was one of the products in my Selfridge's Beauty Box, is a very, very expensive serum. You would think from the price that it was a miracle worker and I didn't for a second think I wouldn't get on with it. But I genuinely did not see any benefits from using this serum, which feels very greasy and oily on the skin, at all over a five week period. I was actually really disappointed, the reviews and claims for this product were pretty much hailing it as the best skincare product ever.... (Selfridge's, £125

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Next up, a product that everyone and their mum seems to be in love with at the moment, the Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion*. I actually received this in the goody bag from the #LDNBloggerParty and when I saw it I was so excited to try it. I've seen everyone reviewing it, claiming it's the best gradual tanner from the high-street. I love anything that can give me a healthy, golden tan and so I was super eager to give it a go. But I was let down when I found that just like all other gradual tanners I have tried, it just left me looking orange! I find high-street gradual tanners really have an orange look to them and that's not my personal preference! I think I'll stick to my ever faithful self tanners instead. (Boots, £5.35) Moving onto more makeup, I am so disappointed by the Rimmel ScandalEyes 23 Hour Waterproof Eyeshadow Sticks. I bought two shades; Bad Girl Bronze, which is a really gorgeous chocolate brown with pink and gold shimmer to it and Bulletproof Beige, which is a pale golden beige. So many YouTubers have raved about these eyeshadow sticks, I've watched many tutorials where they have been used and they seem popular albeit with a small shade range. But on my oily lids, these just don't stay. Even with a primer they are creasing within a couple of hours. The shades are really beautiful, I just wish the formula wasn't so creamy as for me, they're just really unwearable. (Boots, £4.49)

And last but not least, a product which has been very popular among bloggers and beauty adorers for a couple of years now, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I wanted this for absolutely ages but I always felt the price was steep when my O.P.I topcoat does the job perfectly. But then I read a blog post about bargain beauty buys and there was a seller on Amazon selling Seche Vite for just £5.49, bargain! So I decided to give it a go. I am genuinely disappointed that this product didn't work for me - I think it's been so hyped up that I really did think this was going to be an amazing, revolutionary top coat for me. I had expectations so high due to positive (absolute rave, actually) reviews, but it just isn't all it's cracked up to be. It definitely makes my nails look super glossy and it dries as quick as everyone says. But it chips. And when it chips, it takes my nail polish with it. I am really lucky to have strong nails which usually, take to polish so well that I can wear a polish for almost two weeks without any chipping. But with Seche Vite? I've had to change my nail colour four times in the past ten days alone! I know it's definitely Seche Vite which has made my nails chip, as I've tried it with four brands, three of which never, ever chip on me and which I have relied on for years. I'll keep using it for the glossy finish it gives to my nails, but this is one top coat I'm not going to be repurchasing. (Amazon, £5.49) Have any products disappointed you lately?

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*This post contains a product which was included in a goody bag at an event. All views are 100% honest and my own.