Origins Modern Friction, worth the hype?

15 Jul 2013

Modern Friction*. A facial exfoliator offering from Origins, a skincare brand we all already know I love and adore. Origins products do something for my skin that other brands just don't seem to do and it's their facial exfoliators which I see making the most positive impact on my skin where Origins products are concerned. I am a big, big fan of the Origins Never a Dull Moment, not just because it makes my skin feel amazingly soft and smooth, but because the scent literally has my mouth watering. I actually declared Never a Dull Moment to be my favourite ever facial exfoliator, and I think it still is, but Modern Friction comes darn close, let me tell you! 

Modern Friction is probably the facial exfoliator from Origins that I hear the most about, whether it be blog reviews or over on YouTube. There's no denying it's a popular product among both Origins and skincare addicts alike. I was first introduced to Modern Friction during my first Origins facial and after that I couldn't get this exfoliator off of my mind! The way it de-clogged and cleared my pores around my nose where they are the biggest issue, was amazing! Modern Friction is massively different to Never a Dull Moment. In Modern Friction we have ingredients such as rich starch (the exfoliating ingredient!) which is cushioned in cream and works to quickly remove sluggish, old cells, working to even out the skins surface and reduce any signs of discolouration and skin damage. There's also lemon oil which speeds up the process of illumination, leaving your skin glowing and looking fresh, as well as vitamin C which clears your skin of radicals. This scrub is in a lot of ways very different to Never a Dull Moment. The exfoliating ingredients in this scrub are soft and gentle, but very effective, being great for a deep clean and really getting to those clogged pores. Not an everyday scrub for me, I opt for using this once a week for an intensive at-home pamper evening and also before applying face masks. I find the way this clears my pores and makes my skin look brighter and fresher to be amazing, even more so in my more problem areas like my nose where I suffer from blackheads. I have struggled for years to find a product that works time and time again on my blackheads on my nose, which are mostly on the sides of my nose and hard to reach. This gets them every time. I apply a 20p amount of product onto my fingertips and then massage all over my face when my skin is not damp, but not dry. Once massaging in all over and once I've really worked it in, concentrating on my problem areas, I then massage it in again but with a little bit of warm water. This turns it almost into a foamy exfoliating wash. When rinsed off with a warm-hot muslin cloth, my skin is left looking and feeling so lovely. Let's just say this is a product I look forward to using each week because I know it'll do the job and it won't let me down. A little pricier than Never a Dull Moment (Origins, £23), Modern Friction retails at £33 for a 125ml tube. Because I use this at most two times a week, that cost is justified to me. It's lasting, and lasting well! But if you were to use this more frequently, you could find yourself needing to replace it pretty swiftly. There's also a limited edition Modern Friction available to buy from some Origins counters and over on the Origins website, which is £19 for 75ml presented in a smaller tube with limited edition designed packaging. Would I recommend Modern Friction? Definitely, and this may actually be more gentle on sensitive skin types than Never a Dull Moment. One thing is for sure; so far, no one beats Origins for me where exfoliators are concerned. 

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*This post contains a PR sample.