New Look Shoe Wishlist

31 Jul 2013

There's a few things I have always had a habit to collect. Beautiful tea cups and mugs, anything owl or shark related, books, lots and lots of books, and shoes. I've never been one to buy into the latest fashion trends so my wardrobe isn't anywhere near that of a fashion adorer, and I have a few staple bags but three bags tops is enough for me. But shoes? I have pair, after pair, after pair... But I never wear them! I'll be honest, for a girl of my size wearing pencil heels can be very, very painful. So I just stopped. But now that I have started on a healthy lifestyle and eating plan (Weight Watchers, as discussed in my post 'The Fat Girl Takes the Plunge #2'), I'm kind of excited to be able to wear heels again without them hurting so much! I love any kind of shoes, but my favourite and styles which I am a complete sucker for, are wedges and pencil heels with platform soles. I only ever really turn to New Look for footwear - They have a fab, fab, fab wide fit range which caters for my horrible wide feet! I think New Look have a great variety from flats, to boots, to wedges and high heel shoes. There's always a style, shape or colour to suit everyone! And as you do, late at night, I started doing some online window shopping.... I really love these limited edition light brown high vamp suede platform chunky heels (woah New Look, that's a long name for a pair of shoes!) They're also available in black and to be honest, at a steal price of £24.99, you could easily get them both. I love, love, love Ironfist. In fact, if there's one 'fashion' brand I do completely fall weak at the knees for, it's Ironfist. I didn't even realise that New Look sold Ironfist, as I've never seen them in store. But low and behold, these purple pair of aubergine faux seude 'Sugar Hic' platform shoes have taunted me for days, but at £45 (and that's a sale price from an original £64.99, ouch!) these will have to stay on my lust-list. The final pair of heels I am lusting after from New Look are these gorgeous monochrome colour block bow court shoes. I think a good pair of heels can do wonders and if you find a pair which goes so easily with so many different outfits, as well as occasions, you're on to a winner! These are just £27.99 and I am seriously tempted. I'm actually off in to town tonight, I wonder if I'll come back with a New Look bag.... Are you lusting after new shoes? Are you a shoe hoarder like me? Let me know!

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*This is a collaboration post written by myself and the shoes were picked by me, who now has serious shoe lust!