Nanoblur Review

11 Jul 2013

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I have been trying to get my head around this product for around two and a half months now. This review is well overdue, but I've had a really on-off love-hate relationship with this product and it's taken a lot longer than I expected to really understand the products aims and to appreciate the benefits it does give to your skin. I should probably start this review by saying that this isn't a product I reach for everyday, as it's not an everyday necessity for me. I have been using it in bursts, usually around a fortnight at a time. Created by the same company who make Hydraluron, Canadian brand Indeed Labs, Nanoblur* is an advanced optical cream. What does that mean, I hear you ask? Basically Nanoblur gives away it's aims in the name. Blur. It is a cream which aims to reduce the appearance of skin ageing, lines, wrinkles, crows feet and enlarged pores. Indeed Labs very bravely claim that by using Nanoblur, you will see all of these skin conditions and imperfections we usually wish we could make disappear, appear lessened and your skin smoother and more refined, instantly, almost blurred. A white, fairly thick cream, this doesn't leave any white marks on your skin, and settles to a clear product. Nanoblur has been created used advanced optics technology, it's a skincare product, not a makeup product. But it can be used alongside makeup. And this is where I have become unstuck...

Let me say now that this product is a good product. It does exactly what it says, it refines and reduces my pores (thankfully, I don't have the other skin concerns yet which it also targets) and it makes my skin look smoother. But this product can be used in so many ways that I found myself a little confused. Nanoblur claim their product can be used as the last step in your skincare routine, or after a liquid foundation, or before applying a setting powder. They also suggest that if you have dry skin, particularly very dry skin, then you can mix Nanoblur in with your moisturiser. Unfortunately, although I don't have dry skin and I merely wanted to test the claim and tip, I find the latter option for use is not a good mix. Nanoblur has a very unusual consistency, it's not a product you can apply all over your face by massaging it in, for example. The consistency of Nanoblur reminds me of PVA glue. Now, I know that doesn't sound very appealing, but it does actually work if you get the application right and it's the application I struggled with in the beginning. To apply, which I mainly apply to my t-zone and chin area which is where I suffer from enlarged pores and oily skin, and pat. Pat, pat, pat until it's pretty much gone to a matte consistency. One thing worth noting though is that when I use Nanoblur, I cannot use a makeup brush to apply my foundation. It just makes the Nanoblur stick, pull and group together. I always ensure if I am using Nanoblur that I apply my foundation with a beauty blender. 

Once you get the hang of how to apply it and find a way that works for you, Nanoblur is certainly a fab product. It really does minimise the appearance of my enlarged pores. It's important to remember that a product like this will not make your pores disappear, it just works wonderfully to diminish the appearance leaving your skin looking more refined and smoothed. As I said before, this isn't a product I use everyday and I do not use it as a makeup primer, but it's a fab product when my skin is looking a little lack-luster and I want to make my skin look more 'flawless', and when used alongside makeup I find it really helps keep the oil at bay, which is exactly what I want in any product which is targeted at pores. I wouldn't recommend this product to everyone, I think it's a product more suited to those who have the skin concerns the product is aimed at, and possibly more towards women like myself in their mid-20's on-wards. If you are after a product which will trick the looks of passers by into thinking you have lovely smooth, refined and young looking skin, then I would really suggest picking this up! Nanoblur comes in a 30ml tube and is available to purchase from Boots for £19.99. If you want to try Nanoblur as well as some other fab products from Indeed Labs, then it's worth checking out the fab purse and travel friendly set from Indeed Labs also available at Boots which contains a 5ml Nanoblur, Hydraluron and  Snoxin for just £12.99.

A picture of Nanoblur

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