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30 Jul 2013

A picture of Maybelline Babylips UK

A product I always lusted after, probably more than any other product we can't get here in the UK, is the Maybelline Babylips. From the bright, colourful packaging, to variety in 'flavours', some being clear balms, others leaving a pretty, subtle tint, I was lusting after these bad! I was lucky to try a Maybelline Babylips Cherry when my lovely friend Amiiee who runs It's Amiieeism brought me one back from America, with a whole load of other goodies that I shared in my post 'Sometimes, you make a friend.' Cherry became a firm favourite lip balm pretty much straight away, but the fact we were yet to get the range in the UK, I had to ration the one and only Babylips that I had. It was only a month or so ago that I even found out Babylips were coming to the UK. I was on the Boots website, doing some cheeky online shopping, when I noticed a Babylips coming soon sign on the Maybelline page. I got pretty damn excited - I've wanted Maybelline to add Babylips to their UK line for around two years now! I quickly popped my email address into the 'notify me when in stock' box and patiently awaited the email to tell me they had hit the UK.

It was a good month or so before they were released after submitting my email, but as soon as they were I couldn't resist and I ordered all six. I know, I know. The last thing I need is another lip balm, I have dozens! But I just couldn't resist. I know from having Cherry already (which yes, I did repurchase!) that I really like Babylips. Cherry has a sheer red tint and smells as you'd guess, like cherries. It is the perfect option when I don't want a full lipstick, nor a liquid tint, balm or liquid lipstick/gloss. I can pop Cherry on, get a tiny hint of colour, but with the full benefits of a lip balm. Moisturising, softening, hydrating, all whilst smelling divine too. I also really like the packaging for Babylips. I'll admit I am not as keen on their current US neon themed Babylips, but the original ones have funky, fun and colourful packaging that I really like. I was worried when they came over here, that they might be quite expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to see they are actually super purse-friendly at £2.99 each. Plus, when I ordered mine there was a 3 for 2 offer, so I got all six for the price of four. Each one has a different scent and/or aim. There's Mint Fresh; with purple and lime green packaging, it's a clear balm which has a cool minty fresh scent. Peach Kiss; in yellow and peach packing, another clear balm which has a scent of sweet peach. Intense Care; with blue and orange packaging this is the final clear balm in the range and has barely any scent, if any at all, I'm pretty sure it's scentless. The palest tinted Babylips which gives off a very pale nude sheen is Hydrated, which has purple and pink packaging and smells of strawberries (think more strawberry sweets than fresh strawberries) The pink tinted Babylips is in pink and yellow packaging called Pink Punch and has a subtle scent of fruit punch. Finally there's Cherry, in orange and red packaging and a true scent of cherries, this leaves a subtle, sheer red tint. Personally, I love them. I store mine in an old NEOM travel candle, sat on my dresser, and they just look bright and cheerful and I'm reaching for them non stop. Love, love, love. And luckily, they're still 3 for 2 on Boots! I'm not sure on the release date for stores yet, I ordered mine online and collected them in store. But I've not actually seen them sold in store yet! If you decide to give them a go, or already have, I'd love to hear what you think to them! 

A picture of Maybelline Babylips UK

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