June Top 5

1 Jul 2013

June has been and gone and we are officially half way through the year. Where has time gone? July is always one of my favourite months as my birthday is smack bang in the middle of the month. So I'm excited to say goodbye to June and welcome July in with open arms. But of course, I couldn't let a month go by without doing my Top 5. I love sharing the products I've used and enjoyed the most throughout the month and this month is one of the few where all the products in my Top 5 are high-end. But don't let that put you off; these are gorgeous products which I have just utterly adored recently and I'm about to tell you why they are worth their high-end price tag.

Let's start with a bargain shall we? So usually Illamasqua nail polishes retail for £14.50. That's more than I personally would be happy paying for nail polish, even though I adore Illamasqua polishes. I have managed to build a little collection of Illamasqua nail polishes though, and all through sales and discounts! I've placed two orders recently from Illamasqua, one with a 50% off discount code a few weeks back when their Twitter reached a follower milestone and again more recently during their sale which is currently still on and available on the Illamasqua website as well as in stand alone flagship stores. Picking an Illamasqua nail polish up for £7.50 instead of £14.50 is an absolute bargain and I'll be sharing my tiny collection of shades in a post soon, but I just had to stick Gamma in my June Top 5. Gamma is the perfect bright neon orange nail polish which is vibrant; two coats gives you an opaque colour (although I always like to apply three) that's eye-catching and unlike any other neon polish I have tried before. Utterly in love. 

June has been a month of lighter coverage bases for me and BB creams have been a firm favourite most days. I love the REN Satin Perfection BB Cream (£26) and I'm currently using up a couple of sample sizes before I go and buy the full size, but it's a much lighter coverage than I usually opt for so I prefer it for at-home days rather than days out. My favourite base I've been reaching for throughout June is the Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream* (£28), which gives me a lighter coverage than my usual foundations would, but with enough coverage to hide any imperfections and give the impression of healthy, glowing skin. The shade isn't a perfect match for me; I use shade 02 Medium and there are also shades 01 Light and 03 Dark. At first it can look quite ashy on me but by the time I have finished applying the rest of my makeup, it settles to a lovely healthy base which leaves my skin looking dewy, hiding any imperfections all whilst feeling light on the skin. It's great when I need to pop out for the day but don't want a heavy foundation weighing on my skin. A powder I have completely fallen in love with in June is the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder (£28), which I picked up after my NARS makeover at Space NK. It's just the perfect powder and keeps my makeup completely in place all day long. I hate to say it, but I even prefer it over my Ben Nye Banana Powder; although with a much bigger price tag of £25, I definitely won't be in a rush to use this up! 

With the sun occasionally coming out to brighten up our days, I've been turning more to bronzing products than I have blushes when I'm not out for the day. I'll apply my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (£31), formally Chanel Bronze Universal, to contour and add a healthy glow, or a light dusting of NARS Casino Bronzer (£26) all over, with a bit more oomph in the right places for a subtle contour. I adore both of these bronzing products and I think it's safe to say I have been reaching for these two particular bronzers more than any others lately. I recently posted about the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, a product I spent a long time wanting and lusting after, and why I think the price is totally justified. It's just a really lovely, luxurious and special product, it stands out in my collection for sure. NARS Casino is every bit as perfect as NARS Laguna, but it's just that touch darker and in the warmer months when my skin grabs whatever colour it can whilst the sun is out. What are your Top 5 products from June?

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