Hourglass Opaque Rouge, worth the hype?

7 Jul 2013

I'm sure you've all noticed the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick making a bit of a stir on the beauty scene. I first saw these beautifully packaged lip products on blogs and YouTube where people are hailing them as amazing lip products that everyone needs. So, as a self-confessed beauty adorer, you can imagine how much I started lusting after one. When in London for the #LDNBloggersParty I decided to pick one of these up, so off to Liberty I went. After swatching a few shades I decided Muse, the shade I originally lusted after from reviews and swatches, was a lot more pinky than coral as I had thought and the shade which really caught my eye was actually Riviera. Unfortunately Liberty didn't have Riviera in stock, nor did the nearby Space NK... I eventually hunted it down in another Space NK just off of Oxford Street. I was chuffed! This has been a raved about product and although the price tag of £23 was a bit more than I was willing to part with, I had a £5 Space NK incentive to use so thought it would be the perfect opportunity and bag a few quid off a pretty pricey product whilst I was at it. If you don't know what Space NK incentives are then they are much like Boots points, except Space NK refers to them as incentives and you have to spend a lot more to get any incentives. You'll need a Space NK NDulge card, but you can find out more about that on the Space NK website.

I was pretty excited to try this out when I got home, I'm a sucker for a good lip product and I've literally heard and read nothing but positive reviews. I was a little surprised when I opened the box to find just how small this product is, it's half the size I imagined it would be, which also means a lot less product than I had hoped for. That seems to be a trend with high-end brands; lip products always seem less value for money to me, regardless of the (sometimes) better quality. But, size aside, the colour is absolutely stunning. Riviera is a bright, beautiful orange coral shade. It looks red in the packaging, but it's definitely an orange, right up my street! I've worn this a few times now and although I am besotted with the colour, I am so disappointed with the finish, texture and lasting power of this product. Not one single review I have read of this product has pointed out the fact that it is exceptionally drying; and I mean, no product has ever dried my lips as much as this. Now of course, it is a matte finish product, but it's so drying that it feels uncomfortable and my lips also tend to stick together when wearing this. It feels like PVA glue! The drying also leads to other problems. I find this a little difficult to apply as it's very thick and the doe-foot applicator, which I am often fond of on products particularly the Rimmel London Apolocalips Lip Lacquers, doesn't do this product many favours as it just doesn't seem to work with the texture and formula. And another problem caused by the formula, not only is it difficult to apply perfectly and extremely drying, it actually cracks very easily; I end up with a line around my lips of thick, collected product that sits in all the fine lips of my lips. I've tried applying this in different ways such as directly after my MAC Prep + Prime Lip, after lip balm, after using lip scrubs. It does the same every time.

I am so disappointed, because I really do adore the colour and despite it being smaller in size than I expected, the packaging is cute, purse-friendly and it stands out from my other products of the same kind. I'm disappointed that I did my research, reading reviews, checking YouTube reviews, to find not one single mention of the negatives I have encountered with this product. Of course, it could just be the case that I have had a bit of bad luck and it's not an overall problem with this product, but just that I happen to have a one from a bad batch, who knows? It's certainly put me off of buying another shade from the range and if I am honest, as this was my first experience of any Hourglass products, it's kind of put me off of the brand in general. There are positives, as I said the shade is just phenomenal and I adore it, the packaging is cute. But for me it's an unwearable product, and for the price that's really not something you want. If any of you have tried an Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick and have any tips for application, lessening the drying effect or even a way to make it last longer, then I'd really love to hear them. I don't want this sat in my drawer forever haunting me as a waste of money and the shade is too gorgeous not to use. I just don't seem to be able to make it work at all! In the meantime, I think I'll stick to my Rimmel Apocalips; a much cheaper alternative from a high-street brand I trust and adore. (Space NK, £23

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