Five Mini NARS Reviews

27 Jul 2013

A picture of NARS Cosmetics

A couple of month's ago I popped along to my local Space NK in Nottingham, where I had booked in to have my makeup done by a prestigious NARS makeup artist. I actually found out about it a few weeks before, after popping in store to check out the NARS lip pencils, which I adore. Whilst I was swatching away, the lovely staff let me know all about the NARS makeovers, which cost a deposit of £15, which was then redeemable against any NARS products on the day. On the day of my makeover I actually bought two NARS products. One I had been lusting after for a while; Casino Bronzer, and one which I wanted to try for myself after it was used on me during my make over; the Light Reflecting Powder. As I made my purchases, excited to go home and try them out (but with a purse a lot lighter than it was used to) I was given a little gift bag of complimentary NARS samples to try, which came with the makeover. I didn't know they did this at NARS makeovers, so I was overwhelmed when I got home and found some amazing products, all in adorable mini sizes, ready for me to try. NARS is a favourite brand of mine, I love the products I have for them and I would love to try more from them. But they are a very high-end brand and for me, it's not really realistic to splurge on a brand like NARS. So to get to try all of these samples, some of which were products I already really wanted to try, was lovely. The only downside? I now want to buy some of them in full size! 

The first thing which really excited me, was a mini (but pretty much almost full size and a whole lot of product!) Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in a beautiful sheer golden pink shade called New Lover. I have a couple of the NARS Lip Pencils; a satin lip pencil and a matte lip pencil. I am a big fan. If I could afford it, I'd buy the majority of shades! So to try a different finish lip pencil has been lovely and I really like this for day time looks, where I'm opting for a toned down makeup look and don't want a full on opaque lip colour, but I still want my lips to look healthy, plump and pink. The next time which caught my eye was a mini Orgasm Blush. If you haven't heard of this blusher before, you can only have been hiding on a dessert island; it is quite possibly the most raved, hyped up and adored blusher I have ever found in reviews, both on blogs and YouTube. I'd swatched it in store many, many times before, but it never made me want to splurge and buy it. I think it's a nice colour, but the formula isn't quite how I like my powder blushes and I feel you have to work to get any true colour pay-off. But perhaps it's just because my skin is naturally olive so needs something with a bit more oomph. There was also a mini Tinted Moisturiser and a mini Orgasm Illuminator. Unfortunately, the Orgasm Illuminator isn't a product I took too just like it's powder partner. It's nice, but for someone like me who has oily skin, I think liquid illuminators have to be the exact right consistency, or else they just disappear throughout the day. This has a super thin consistency, which just doesn't show up on my skin much and definitely doesn't last. The Tinted Moisturiser on the other hand has been lovely to try out. It has a super light-weight consistency, is sheer but buildable, and leaves my skin looking natural, but imperfection free. I'm quite tempted to pick this up in the full size.... The final mini product in the bag was the NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I don't know why, but I really wanted to like this eye makeup remover. I think it's because at the time, my favourite, holy grail eye makeup remover; the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, was coming to an end so part of me wanted the NARS one to be better, so I could try a new product out. This is a very lovely eye makeup remover, but as the name suggests - it's gentle. If you wear a powerful gel or liquid liner like I do, and blackest black mascaras (quite a few coats, too!) then an eye makeup remover this gentle just doesn't do the job. I always found myself reaching for my Clarins eye makeup remover after using the NARS one, because the NARS one just couldn't shift my liner and mascara! So some of the mini products I really liked, some not so much and I could live without. I definitely want to invest in more lip pencils from NARS, and maybe the tinted moisturiser; but I haven't been won over by the Orgasm Illuminator, Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and Orgasm Blush.

A picture of NARS Cosmetics

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