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20 Jul 2013

Each month I really enjoy sharing my Featured Blogger of the Month with you and this month I am even more excited! Lilmisschickas was one of the very first blogs I followed, the first blog to introduce me to Liz Earle, a brand I now adore, and a blog I can always rely on for detailed reviews. As well as her blog, Charlotte also has a YouTube channel and she is one of my favourite beauty YouTubers to watch with detailed reviews and Charlotte's bubbly, funny and down to earth personality always shines through leaving me left in giggles. Most of all, through following Lilmisschickas and chatting over on Twitter, I have become good friends with Charlotte and have met her a few times at the different meetups and events I have organised. I hope you will enjoy finding out more about Charlotte and Lilmisschickas!

Hello everybody :) My name is Charlotte and I blog over at lilmisschickas.com. So you may be wondering where the name lilmisschickas comes from? In short it was my AOL username back when I was 11 (because nobody likes numbers in a username) and since then, it’s just kind of stuck! A little about me; I’m an honest, passionate person that looks for the good in people (and products) and has a thirst for life and learning.

So what is lilmisschickas, or LMC as it is affectionately known in the wonderful world of 140 characters? Lilmisschickas is the space on the internet where I can bring all my interests to life including beauty, lifestyle and of course Disney. Ah yes let’s have a little chat about Disney. I know a lot of people out there love Disney and I’m not going to say that I love it more than anybody else but it’s definitely one of my favourite topics to talk about. If you are planning a trip to Disney World or just love reading about it or watching Disney vlogs then you may want to stop by and check out my Disney Series from my trip in June 2013.

But I guess the main topic of conversation on my blog is beauty. That’s the reason I started my blog as I love that there is a whole community of people who are like-minded and won’t roll their eyes as I’m gushing about yet another Mac lipstick (boyfriend I’m looking at you!) I never thought so many people would enjoy reading my blog and valuing my opinion and for that I thank them!

I also have a YouTube channel which I am extremely passionate about. I feel like my YouTube channel is an extension of my blog and allows people to see more about my life and how it influences my choices (of beauty products and holidays anyway!) I never thought I’d be comfortable in front of a camera but now I look forward to the days that I film and I love showing my latest finds to all the lovely people that watch my videos.

So a big thank you to Sophia for featuring me and allowing me to introduce myself to all her readers and I hope that you’ll stop by and say hello :) xxx

Thank you Charlotte for being my July Featured Blogger of the Month! You can find Charlotte over at Lilmisschickas as well as over on Twitter @lilmisschickas and on YouTube.

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