Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse

6 Jul 2013

I've finally found it. My perfect balm cleanser, so perfect, I might be tempted to refer to it as the best balm cleanser. Ever. And trust me, I've tried a few! Everyone goes on about the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, and even I was pulled in by the hype and had to pop it onto my Christmas list. But after using it, I just didn't see what all the fuss was about. But today I get to share with you all my thoughts on a balm cleanser that is worth the rave review and is now a firm favourite.

A review of the Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse

The Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse* is a conditioning cleanser which works to dissolve and remove all traces of makeup, clearing impurities quickly and leaving your skin with a smooth velvety soft finish, looking and feeling refreshed. This can be used either daily, which is as I use it every evening, or alternatively, you can use it a few times a week as a treatment mask. 

The scent is very citrusy, with a sweet but not over-powering scent of orange. The balm has quite a thick consistency which I find needs a gentler approach than other balms when it comes to massaging it into my skin. I find this actually helps to ensure more makeup and impurities are cleansed away though, as you spend a little bit of extra time on a more careful and precise cleanse. 

Once massaged into my skin, I massage again with dampened fingers before wiping off with a warm face cloth. Afterwards? It leaves my skin looking so clear, smooth and fresh, my complexion looks happier and brightened. If you wanted to use this as balm as part of your exfoliation routine, you can add some Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains, which when mixed with the Extra Balm Rinse turn it into a gentle exfoliating cleanser, helping to really buff skin to smooth perfection. 

There are no downsides to this product for me, I'm absolutely smitten. Will you be adding Extra Balm Rinse to your cleansing routine? 

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A review of Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse