Bedtime Essentials and Holy Grails

26 Jul 2013

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Posts at the moment all seem to be orientated to summer time and bright colours and makeup which reflects the lovely hot days we've been having. But some of my favourite products right now aren't bright lipsticks and summer shadows, it's skincare. Specifically, the products I reach for each and every night, which have been firm staples in my night time routine for quite a long time. Skincare is a passion of mine, and everyone goes on and on in the autumn and winter about how even more important it is to look after your skin. But personally? I think it's even more important in the summer, for my skin at least. In the summer my skin goes through far more than autumn or winter. The heat leaves me constantly looking puffy faced, sweating doesn't help, which stresses out my skin and all the air conditioning and differences in temperature really play havoc with my skin. In the warmer months my skin becomes drier, it's harder to control my naturally oily skin and I'm more likely to get the odd blemish or spot. None of these are things I enjoy happening to my skin, but there's a few products which save my skin, which protect and nourish my skin, keeping it hydrated, soft, smooth and extra supple. To me, skincare is more important than makeup when it's as hot as it has been this summer, I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

I've mentioned a few of these products before, so I'll give you a quick run down. But you can check out each of the reviews individually if you want a more in-depth review and feel for the products. The first thing I reach for after cleansing and toning, is my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye. I genuinely don't think I will ever turn to another brand for a night time eye cream, because this truly is a heavenly product. As soon as I apply this to my delicate eye area, the skin instantly feels soothed, cooled and pampered. I don't know about anyone else but after a long day, my eyes can really show my tiredness. Midnight Recovery Eye, which has butcher's broom, squalane, evening primrose and lavender as it's star ingredients, works absolute wonders on my delicate under eye skin, leaving me with awake, bright and supple eyes in the morning. It's pricey - but I will always repurchase this. Best night time eye cream, ever! (Kiehl's, £24.50) Following my eye cream I turn to serums and one I have been using continuously for a while now, only occasionally stopping use to try other serums, has been, well a complete revelation for me where serums are concerned! The Nuxe 'Nuxellence Jeunesse' Youth and Radiance Fluid* is the loveliest serum I ever did try, and I am besotted. Firstly, the consistency; it's not greasy, it's very light weight and it feels cool and soothing when applied to my skin. A very pale golden pink cream, it has a beautiful fresh floral scent which is really lovely (seriously, go have a sniff next time you're in Space NK!) Once massaged in, it leaves my skin feeling cooled, very hydrated and soft. Overnight my skin completely soaks the serum up and my skin is looking plump, supple and brighter in the morning. I cannot recommend this serum enough, it's utterly surprised me in the best way. (Nuxe*, £46)

A picture of Bedtime Essentials and Holy Grails

The next thing I always reach for, and another product I know I could never be without, is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate*. This is the perfect partner in beauty with the Midnight Recovery Eye and is the best oil I have ever tried. Whenever I am asked which oil I would recommend, I always recommend this oil. No other oils I have tried, both high-street and high-end, have ever come close to this oil. Amazing, and a necessary for every skincare addict! With ingredients of evening primrose oil, squalane, omega-6 fatty acids, as well as lavender essential oils, this oil is the best of the best you can get with oils. With a true lavender scent which isn't overpowering; it has a gorgeous aromatherapy twist to it, this is an every day staple. I pop a few drops on my fingertips and tap and pat the oil into my skin. The differences from even my very first use of this product, were miraculous  and I can always see how much it truly does transform and benefit my skin if I ever miss a night. Plus the soothing scent of lavender essential oils gets me ready and prepped for a peaceful night's sleep, making me feel instantly relaxed. Midnight Recovery Concentrate is to me what Hydraluron is to everyone else! (Kiehl's*, £36)

Next up, night cream. I like a really hydrating night cream. I might have oily skin, but when I don't understand my skins needs and give it the hydration it craves, my oil is harder to control. In all the areas I have oil problems, my skin is dry and has an uneven texture; this shows my skin produces oil to try and compensate for the dry skin, and I need a night cream which will hydrate, whilst soothing and nourishing. For me the perfect night cream is the Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream. This has been a favourite for me for well over a year now and it's one I've kept quite quiet about. I love it, I really do, but I don't love it because it's a miraculous miracle worker cream in a pot. It doesn't do anything extraordinary, it doesn't make promises to make me look younger or more radiant. But it makes my skin feel like I want my skin to feel naturally. It keeps my skin soft, smooth, it leaves my skin feeling how normal skin would feel. When I don't use this, I wake up without the soft and supple skin we all lust after, but when I do? My skin just feels so utterly lovely. I don't know how else to describe it. It does the job my skin can't do itself. It's a simple product, with stunning results. (Feel Unique, £32.90Antipodes is a brand I often mention here on the blog, some of their products are firm favourites for me, particularly the Antipodes Organic Avocado and Rosehip Divine Facial Oil.

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To give my lips an overnight pamper, keeping them soft and youthful looking (yes, I like the youthful ploy where my lips are concerned, makes lipsticks look more fab!), I reach for the Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm. It has been months since I have reached for any other lip balm at night, because this one never fails me. It has a gorgeous scent, feels soft and weightless on my lips, almost like silk, with no slipping and sliding. My lips love it, and it's lasting far longer than I expected. But at the minute I'm having to ration it, as I am not sure I can justify the pennies to repurchase it. (Selfridge's, £32) Once that's applied and nicely sinking in, I reach for my faithful and favourite hand cream, Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream. This just leaves my hands feeling like silk and smelling absolutely heavenly, so I always like to pop it on before bed. I'm still hoping that one day Antipodes make the scent of Joyful into a fragrance! (Feel Unique, £24.90)

Just before I pop in bed with my old faithful blogging book and colourful pens to make some notes, I make my room smell like heaven. I have always found it quite difficult to fall asleep and sometimes it can take me hours to fall asleep even if I go to bed super early. My mind doesn't stop and so I love anything that makes me relax a little as well as letting the rest of my body slow down a little ready for a blissful nights sleep ahead. And so, I have fallen head over beauty sleep heels in lust with the Sranrom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight Room and Body Mist*. The Urban Wellness range is made with the idea of making products which take away the anxiety, tiredness and tense feelings a long, busy day can often make us feel. The Slight Tight Aromatherapy Mist is cruelty free and has star ingredients of white champaca (a favourite scent of mine!) as well as ylang ylang, which together create a soothing scent. A few spritzes of this around my room before I get in bed and I feel calmed, soothed and find myself easily falling into a peaceful sleep. (Sranrom*, £18) So those are my most reached for bedtime essentials and holy grails. All of these products are products I really couldn't imagine my routine without. I'd love to hear what your bedtime favourites are!

A picture of Bedtime Essentials and Holy Grails

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