Aerin, a new beauty love.

9 Jul 2013

Until very recently I wasn't aware of Aerin as a brand and it wasn't until I went to the opening of the new John Lewis beauty hall in Nottingham that I got to have a look at this new brand from Estee Lauder. Aerin Beauty is the work of Estee Lauder's very talented Style and Image Director, Aerin Lauder; granddaughter of Estee Lauder. The products, better known as the Aerin Essentials Collection, encompass beautiful shades, formulas and finishes in the perfect amount of products to make gorgeous staples in your beauty routine. The basic products you need, but still beautiful enough to allow you to create a flawless, natural and effortless look. Enhancing your look rather than drastically altering it. Each season Aerin brings out a new range of Aerin Essentials, keeping on trend and making living in style as easy as possible for you. Throughout each of the products within the collection, there is a floral infusion; a true rose floral scent which adds a touch of extra luxury to the products. I have had the absolute pleasure of trying three products from the Aerin Essentials Collection; and I say an absolute pleasure, because these products are a true beauty luxury.

 The Aerin Kabuki Brush* (Aerin*, £39) is by far the most luxurious and utterly perfect kabuki brush I have ever used. A versatile brush, you can use the Aerin Kabuki Brush with any powder product, from bronzer to powder blush. It's incredibly soft and dense bristles are allowed the perfect amount of movement, picking up the perfect amount of product for you to apply a natural glow or flush of colour flawlessly. It comes with an ultra-suede pouch, making it easy to travel with and also to keep safe and in shape. By far the most extravagant makeup brush I have ever owned, I adore the shape of the gold packaging with an easy to grip design, teamed with the perfect density of ultra-soft bristles, this is one beauty I will definitely be taking care of. 

The Aerin Multi Colour for Lips and Cheeks* (Aerin*, £30) is available in one shade per season; I have been trying out Natural. A gorgeous, light and delicate nude, it adds the perfect flush of warmth to my cheeks when I am wanting to avoid the more colourful products in my collection. A super pretty and very wearable cream product which can be used for both your lips and cheeks. I love a good multi-purpose product and this surpasses all my usual expectations with multi-purpose products. I find this easiest to apply with the tips of my fingers, lightly dotting it on my cheeks and blending for a soft finish. It's definitely special, a stunning product which makes every day natural looks easier to achieve. The Aerin Rose Hand and Body Cream* (Aerin*, £36) has got me completely smitten. The rose scent which runs through the Aerin Essentials Collection is strongest with this silky soft hand and body cream, and it's the truest rose scent I have ever come across in a product. It smells absolutely divine, a soft but true rose scent which isn't over powering, but instead has you constantly enveloped in a scent which makes you feel as if you are stood in the middle of a beautiful rose garden in bloom. It's stunning. It's a very light-weight cream and I use it mostly for my hands (hoping that way, it'll last longer!) A small amount massaged into both hands leaves me with skin so silky soft, they almost feel like velvet. Non-greasy, this cream sinks in quickly and the rose scent leaves me instantly relaxed. I can't put this cream down lately, it's just stunning. 

For a brand which is completely new to me, I am impressed, smitten and in total adoration with these three Aerin products. I will definitely be giving Aerin a closer look next time I am near a counter. The Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner is on my wishlist ready for me to snap up as soon as the pennies allow; it sounds too beautiful, I just have to try it! 

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*This post contains PR samples.