Turtle Bay Nottingham Review

30 Jun 2013

I love going for food with friends. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even an impromptu cup of tea and cake in the middle of day, I'm in my element where there's food involved! Back in April I shared with you all my thoughts on a recent visit to the very popular The Diner. I actually really enjoyed sharing the post with you and if it's alright with all of you, I think I might make sharing my thoughts on places of foody heaven a regular thing... well, as regular as my stomach and purse can handle! It's nice to change things up from beauty every once in a while and who doesn't like food? 

A few weeks back when I popped into Nottingham for my Origins Touch of Youth Facial and Bobbi Brown 10 Step Lesson, I met up with the lovely Tori from Tori's Tales for lunch. Well I say lunch, we soon ended up indulging in three scrumptious courses at Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay is a Caribbean resturant that creates mouth-watering authentic dishes in a resturant which looks and feels like you could have just stepped into it from a Caribbean beach. I absolutely adored the layout of the resturant, it had a true Caribbean feel to it and it is definitely somewhere I'd take friends for a tasty meal. Turtle Bay uses ingredients sourced from the Caribbean islands as well as here in the UK and the food is made to be rustic and full of flavour. 

So what did I have? To start I had the Jamaican Fried Bait (£2.25) which was basically fried squid and octopus deep fried in a crispy batter. It came served with a sweet chilli dip and a slice of fresh lemon, and has to be one of the best fried seafood dishes I have had in a long time. For main I opted for the Jerk Chicken Roti (£6) which was way taster than I expected. Hand-torn jerk chicken in a wrap with Caribbean coleslaw and fries, the perfect light lunch. The jerk chicken tasted amazing! To finish I had a dessert I wouldn't have ever figured was a favourite of those lucky enough to live in the Caribbean, the Rum & Raisin Bread Pudding (£4.85) which was actually so delicious that even writing about it is making me crave it. The perfect bread and butter pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (that I'm certain had a coconut twist to it too) was a scrumptious way to finish off our 'light' lunch. Cocktails were buy one get one free... So it was only natural that I ordered two! I opted for the classic Caribbean mojito (£6.65) and just like the food, this was absolutely delicious. Very strong, full of flavour but really refreshing too.

Overall I really enjoyed our visit to Turtle Bay and I will definitely be going again! You can find out more about Turtle Bay on the official Turtle Bay website and you can find Turtle Bay resturants in Nottingham, Southampton, Bristol and Milton Keynes. 

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